Distributing Iran’s impounded assets patent theft, big scandal/Americans should know Iranian nation’s rights not plunderable/We spare no effort defending Iranian nation’s rights

President Rouhani described distribution of Iran’s impounded assets as “patent theft and a big legal scandal” for the United States and said that the move means continuation of hostility towards Iran.

Wed 27 - April 2016 - 12:53

President chaired a cabinet meeting on Wednesday and said: “The government, on behalf of the Iranian nation, has spared no effort in defending the nation’s rights and will continue along this path until the result is yielded”.

He continued: “Any move by a court or a judiciary somewhere in the world to decide on Iranian nation’s rights or assets is completely illegal and against the international laws and the immunity that central banks legally enjoy worldwide”.

Stressing that “they should know that Iranian nation’s rights are not capable of being violated and plundered”, he said: “No thief can be proud of his theft and imagine that the plundered assets belong to him”.

“The enemies of the Iranian nation have tried for years to curtail their rights of using nuclear energy in violation of international treaties, and in doing so, issued resolutions in international communities against the Iranian nation,” continued Rouhani, adding: “but our nation could reclaim their rights through resistance and using their political capabilities and today we are at a point where the whole world acknowledge Iranian nation’s rights to enrichment”.

Describing such pressures and illegal rulings on the side of the U.S. judiciary as “international plundering and a big legal scandal, he also said: “It has never been the case that the members of the legislature pass a legislation and force the judiciary with it”.

Dr Rouhani also said: “The people of Iran will resist against this unjust ruling and the political system and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran will use all their power to defend the rights of the Iranian nation”.

“These assets belong to the Iranian nation and seizing them in any way is a hostile and illegal act,” continued the President.

He added: “Of course, the issues regarding the negligence of the previous government are internal issues, which will be dealt with and explained to people in time; but without a doubt, this move is a patent aggression and theft from the side of the U.S. towards the Iranian nation and they cannot exploit it without facing the consequences”.

President Rouhani also mentioned the latest fervent parliamentary elections and called for massive turnout in the second round of the election and said: “Election contributes to stabilization of republicanism and Islamism of the political system because the principle of people’s consultation and votes has roots in religion, Islam and Quran”.

Underscoring consultation, empathy and cooperation between the branches to solve the issues and achieve economic growth, he said: “If the parliament, the branches and institutions do not accompany the government, we cannot advance any goals”.

“The government and the parliament have had relatively good interaction with one another so far and we hope that this interaction be further developed in the future,” said the President.

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