Developing, deepening ties with Latin America a top policy for Tehran/New chapter in Iran-Uruguay ties to be established based on both nations’ interests

Cementing and deepening ties with Latin American countries is a basic policy for the Islamic Republic of Iran, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Vice-President of Uruguay Raúl Fernando Sendic Rodríguez.

Tue 26 - April 2016 - 13:53

In this meeting that was held on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani said: “Tehran and Montevideo have firm resolve to develop very close and friendly ties in all areas of mutual interest and no third-party country can affect these relations”.

He added: “By establishing the Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation and executing the resulting agreements between Iran and Uruguay, a new chapter will be stablished in Iran-Uruguay ties based on both nations’ interests”.

Referring to the economic facilities and capacities of the two countries, Dr Rouhani added: “To accelerate the level of cooperation, these common capacities should be further introduced and executed, especially regarding private sectors of both countries”.

“The two countries can gain access to the broad markets of Latin America and Central Asia and Caucasus through investment and launching projects for joint production and export,” continued Dr Rouhani.

He also mentioned that all countries can cooperate and consult with each other in dealing with issues such as the environment and terrorism.

Stressing the need to combat terrorism and proliferation of extremist ideas, the President continued: “Today, terrorism has displaced millions of people and victimised thousands across the world; to combat this scourge, we all should join hands”.

In this meeting, Vice-President of Uruguay Raúl Fernando Sendic Rodríguez also said that his country is determined to develop ties with Tehran in all areas of mutual interest.

Stating that “Iran and Uruguay are two friends and trade partners with historical relations”, he added: “The two countries have extensive capabilities and capacities and they should tap these capabilities to develop and deepen relations”.

“By activating the Joint Commission on Economic Coordination, a new chapter in Tehran- Montevideo ties will begin, energy and agriculture being amongst the most important sectors,” he continued.

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