Iran-S. Africa ties development to have positive regional, int’l effects/We don’t forget close friends during sanctions/S. Africa can be one of Iran’s key business partners

President Rouhani described development of ties between Iran and South Africa in all areas of mutual interest as beneficial to the two nations and states and stressed that all capacities should be used to further deepen Tehran-Pretoria ties.

Sun 24 - April 2016 - 13:58

In this meeting that was held on Sunday, Dr Rouhani said: “South Africa has a special place among Iranians because of its people’s resistance and combat against the Apartheid and the oppressive regime”.

Describing the two nations’ good relations, as well as Iran’s historical cooperation with the African National Congress (ANC) as good groundwork for deepening ties, he said: “Because of the great importance the Islamic Republic of Iran used to attach to African people’s fight against the Apartheid, it even jeopardised its financial interests to stand by them”.

“Development of ties between Iran, as an important country in the sensitive region of Middle East, and South Africa, as an important country in Africa, can have positive regional and international effects,” continued Rouhani, thanking South Africa for supporting Iran’s nuclear rights in international communities.

On the favourable conditions for cementing business and economic ties between Iran and South Africa, President Rouhani also said: “Although today after the nuclear deal and lift of sanctions against Iran, there is a fierce competition among Asian and European counties to secure contracts with Iran, we will not forget our close friends in sanctions era”.

“Today the amount of business transactions between Iran and South Africa is not satisfying but there is a chance that by using all potentials and capacities South Africa can turn into one of Iran’s most important trade partners” added Rouhani.

The President also stressed boosting banking ties between the two countries as a significant step toward cementing ties and said: “We are ready to provide South Africa with energy, and also develop projects and joint ventures between the two countries”.

Dr Rouhani also underscored elevating cooperation in the fields of industry, mining, agriculture, electricity, insurance, financial services and scholarships and technical and engineering services.

“Iran and South Africa can have fruitful relations and cooperation together in scientific, academic, research, IT, biotechnology and nanotechnology fields,” stated Rouhani.

He then stressed developing ties between the two countries in the fields of transportation, natural and historical tourist attractions, social cooperation, and agricultural, medical and aid sectors.

On the need to cooperate with each other to fight terrorism, he said: “To establish peace and sustainable stability in the region, we need cooperation and empathy between all countries”.

In this meeting, President of South Africa Jacob Zuma also appreciated Iran’s hospitality and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is very important to us because of its location and deep-rooted ties with South Africa”.

Calling for developed relations between the two countries, President Zuma said: “Iran’s success in negotiations and lift of sanctions is a success for all independent countries”.

He added: “This historic deal proved the need to reach a sustainable solution through negotiation and diplomacy and proved that issues will not be solved through war and conflict”.

“We are determined to develop relations with Tehran,” said South African President, adding that “through strengthening economic and business ties between Iran and South Africa, great economic potentials between Asia and Africa will be created; therefore, we need to further strengthen and support the private sector and the business people”.

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