Protecting environment a human, social, religious, cultural duty/Environment can bring unity among religions/To protect environment there is no way other than moderation/ Confronting nature results in failure

“The environment can be a unifying factor among the followers of all religions and to protect the environment, we have no way other than moderation and refraining from violence and egoism in dealing with the environment,” said President Rouhani while delivering a speech in the 2nd International Conference on ‘Environment, Religion and Culture.

Sat 23 - April 2016 - 12:02

In this conference which is aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue for sustainable development, Dr Rouhani said: “Religious beliefs, as an important cultural motivation, can be an effective base for the society to make a move towards lofty human ideas”.

He added: “If humans cannot protect its environment, the lives of all humans will be in peril and protecting the environment is an important human, social, religious and cultural duty for all”.

“Humans’ use of fossil fuels and constant wars in the global stage, especially in between 17th-20th centuries have damaged the environment most and using chemical and atomic weapons in that era has led to destruction of humans and environmental degradation,” he continued.

Stressing the need to achieve new resources, he said: “A development can be called sustainable if it leads humans to feel responsible for the Earth and the environment on its way to industrialisation and using various resources”.

“All divine religions say by consensus that humans are responsible for the Earth and God’s blessings,” continued the President.

Dr Rouhani also underlined that achieving sustainable development is not possible without peace and moderation and said: “We should confront both extremism, violence and terrorism and environmental degradation because our world should be against violence, extremism and misuse of natural blessings”.

“We should have peaceful coexistence with nature because if we want to confront nature, we will definitely lose,” the President said.

He also added: “I hope that this conference sends a powerful global message that by unity, integrity and consultation and with attempt and constant public effort we can achieve this goal”.

“Today, I am very happy that I am speaking from Iran where the messages of Middle East without nuclear weapons, Dialogue among Civilisations, intercultural and interreligious interaction regarding the environment and World Against Violence and Extremism arose,” continued Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani went on saying: “The Iranian nation has not invaded any country in 200 years and when it was invaded, it defended its land and people”.

He also mentioned the measures taken by the government to revive major rivers in Iran.

“One of effective measures in achieving a wholesome environment is cultural and social movements in which the education sector and religious preachers have a great role,” added Dr Rouhani.

“While terrorists were trying to take over Baghdad and Damascus, Iran offered a positive reply to its neighbours’ cry,” the president said, adding: “Those who are not thankful of Iran’s attempts, are clearly witnessing that Iran is the pioneer of fighting extremism and violence both in words and in deed”.

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