Imam Ali’s (AS) individual, governmental life unique model for all/Only law can create limitations

“Imam Ali’s (AS) individual and governmental life is a unique model for all,” said President Rouhani in a regular cabinet session.

Wed 20 - April 2016 - 21:15

In this session that was held on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani congratulated Imam Ali’s (AS) birthday and said: “Imam Ali (AS) should be our guides in all fields and being his follower is a great honour”.

Referring to Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) advice to Imam Ali (AS) stating that ‘we are people’s fathers’ he said: “This sentence means that the rulers and authorities who rule people, hold paternal roles towards people”.

Mentioning that “not a person, organ or institution can take measures to control people”, the President continued: “People’s freedom cannot be restricted by regulations and tastes of some individuals and organs and people’s freedom cannot be restricted by anything other than the law and even the government and the judiciary branch cannot restrict people and only the law can set frameworks in this regard”.

He added: “We have no rights to meddle in people’s private and public life except for when we are enforcing the law”.

The President also thanked the people of Semnan province for warmly welcoming government members.

On nuclear negotiations and stressing that “we need to verify and monitor the other side’s performance”, he added: “If we see shortcomings and lags from the other side, we should seriously confront with it and warn them and even if we had higher duties we should perform them and this is certain to us”.

Dr Rouhani also underlined paying more attention to eastern provinces’ prosperity and development.

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