Combating terrorism a duty for all responsible gov’ts in the region, world/Iran to stand by Iraqi gov’t, nation in fighting ISIS/Some countries strengthen terrorism despite pretence of fighting it

President Rouhani had a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Iraq and described fighting terrorism and terrorist groups such as ISIS as a very important duty of all responsible governments in the region and the world and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran stands by the Iraqi government and nation and will spare no effort in this regard”.

Wed 20 - April 2016 - 21:11

In this telephone conversation that happened late on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani listened to Haider al-Abadi’s report on the latest political, military and security developments in that country and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran considers Iraq’s stability and security as its own and will make attempts to strengthen it”.

On the latest measures taken by Baghdad in confronting terrorism and future plans in this regard, the President said: “Unity of all Iraqi tribes and groups in fighting terrorism is very promising”.

Stressing the need for some countries to start action in fighting terrorists, he said: “Unfortunately, some countries, despite pretence of fighting terrorism, are still strengthening them through providing them with weapons and buying oil from ISIS”.

Dr Rouhani also praised Iraqi authorities’ wisdom and intelligence with regard to the latest domestic developments and expressed hope that the path leads to the Iraqi nation’s interests and benefits.

“Without a doubt, ties between the two countries will develop and deepen day by day and the Islamic Republic of Iran has always pursued to develop and strengthen relations with Iraq in all areas of mutual interest,” added Rouhani.

In this telephone conversation the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi said: “The Iraqi government and nation value Iran’s resistance against ISIS”.

He also stated that ISIS is a threat to the whole region and the world and said: “Strengthening cooperation against ISIS benefits the region and the world and the Iraqi government and nation are determined to decisively fight ISIS and uproot terrorism from its terriroty”.

The Iraqi PM also said that Baghdad is willing to deepen and develop ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran in political, economic and cultural fields, as well as issues related to security.

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