Without a doubt Semnan will witness significant developments/Explaining government’s extensive plans for boosting development in Semnan province

President Rouhani said that Semnan province is very important in that it connects the north, south, east and west, adding: “Without a doubt, the conditions of Semnan province will be changed significantly with improvements in roads and it can even house the flow of population from Tehran”.

Tue 19 - April 2016 - 23:57

“Tehran’s railroad to neighbouring cities, including Garmsar, is one of the projects 1st and 2nd phases of which will be executed in the current year and next year,” continued Dr Rouhani.

“Transfer of water from Caspian Sea and also Persian Gulf and Oman Sea to Semnan province and Central Plateau of Iran is the government’s long-term project,” added the President.

President also stressed the necessity of using modern irrigation systems for the agricultural sector of the province.

He also said that the government has got plans for developing and improving tourism industry in Semnan, as well as delivering natural gas to all of the villages of the province.

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