Employment country’s top priority/Supreme Leader continuation of late Imam’s way/Quicker realisation of EoR policies dependant on investment, tech.

President attended the session of administrative council of Semnan province and described employment as the country’s most important priority and added: “Interaction between branches and institutions is necessary for solving problems”.

Tue 19 - April 2016 - 23:24

In this session that was held late on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani stressed that rifts and division are detrimental to all and said: “Iranians are members of a single family and we have got a single political system and a single leader and the Supreme Leader is the continuation of late Imam’s way”.

Underlining that the goal of JCPOA was preparing the atmosphere for prosperity and said: “We do not surrender to the enemy but pursue constructive interaction”.

He added: “Quicker realisation of the policies of Economy of Resistance depends on investment and technology”.

The President also thanked the people of Semnan for warmly welcoming the government’s delegation.

Underlining unity, he said: “If there is a small division or disagreement amongst us, the enemies will become happy and will misuse it for conspiracy”.

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