Banks, financial systems should be updated/We are progressing toward single-digit inflation, 5-per cent growth/Economy of Resistance not isolated, austere; but rather powerful, fervent/Constant improvement of conditions certain

President attended the session of economic capacities development of Semnan province and predicted the constant improvement of conditions of the country as certain and said: “Economy of Resistance is not an isolated and austere economy, but rather a powerful and fervent one”.

Tue 19 - April 2016 - 19:42

In this meeting that was held late on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani said: “With people’s presence, any problem including economy is solvable and we are moving towards a single-digit inflation and 5-per cent growth”.

Stressing that banks and financial systems should be updated, he continued: “With rent-seeking and corruption, competition and economic growth is not possible and banks should step in to improve the atmosphere for entrepreneurs”.

Describing JCPOA as a step for creating better conditions for economic vitality and said: “If moralities do not rule, economy will not grow either”.

He added that the government has new plans for improving the environmental conditions.

Stating that the government is attempting to facilitate activities for entrepreneurs, he said: “We believe that current year’s conditions will definitely be better than last year”.

“The government will do its utmost for better relations with the world and attract investment and new technologies,” added Rouhani.

The president continued: “Some think that we only had problems [establishing business interactions] with some superpowers but due to sanctions, we had even problems with our neighbours”.

“Based on the general policies of Article 44, public sectors, except for special cases, should be handed over to people and this is not even enough and we should create wholesome competitions,” he added.

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