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President addressing the bumper crowd of people in Semnan:

Economy of Resistance a base for govt’s plans in 1395/JCPOA a legal, historical honour/Today the day of solidarity, using opportunities for building Iran/We should join hands operationalising EoR

Economy of Resistance is the base for the government’s plans in year 1395 and we should join hands to operationalise the Economy of Resistance, said the president amongst the vast crowd of people in Semnan.

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Tue 19 - April 2016 - 12:40

President who was addressing the public on Tuesday at Takhti Stadium in Semnan, Semnan, added: “At the time the government started its term, Islamophobia, Iranophobia and sanctions were at their climax and inflation, stagnation, unemployment and lack of peace in the market had brought people’s lives and the future of the country and the economy to a point of uncertainty for them”.

He added: “Everyone should try to create a prosperous Iran through brotherhood, integrity and unity and your elected government, with the Supreme Leader’s guidance and your help will spare no effort in any field; you need to be sure of that”.

“Competition, party and faction is okay during the elections because in the elections our motto is competition but now, competition should be set aside; today is the time for implementing JCPOA and tapping opportunities,” the President continued.

“It is interesting to me that some want to announce that the Iranian nation and diplomats were not victorious and the Americans and Zionists won; where is your zeal? Why don’t you want to bow before the greatness of the Iranian nation that has achieved a great historical victory?” continued Dr Rouhani.

He also stressed that “the media should consider moralities” and added: “The people of Iran do not favour chaos and anarchy in media and immoral invasions in some media do not conform to the dignity of the great Iranian nation”.

He added: “Reconstruction after a destruction takes time. Today the obstacles in the path of entrepreneurs and investors have been removed and we should be careful of this fact that it has only been 3 months since the JCPOA has been implemented but some think it has been 30 years”.

Underlining that Iran’s oil exports has risen from 1 million barrels to 2 million barrels after the implementation of JCPOA, he said: “Today Iran has reclaimed its position in the field of oil; also regarding the nuclear issue, we are witnessing Iran’s active presence in the nuclear materials market which was forbidden for Iran until a few years back”.

“Today we are in a position that we should use the atmosphere created after the JCPOA” said the President.

He added: “If we had criticisms against JCPOA, it was for the time before the Supreme Leader, the parliament and the Supreme Council of National Security’s approval but now we should make the best use of the opportunity and atmosphere before us”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned that some countries wanted to change the atmosphere of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit and describe Iran as a terrorism-backing country which interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, but “we attended the summit in a way that in all stages and speeches by other heads of states the contrary happened”.

“We should join hands operationalising the policies of Economy of Resistance” Rouhani added, referring to Supreme Leader’s naming of the year 1395 as ‘Economy of Resistance, Action and Deed’.

On the government’s plans for ensuring food security, he said: “We are moving towards self-sufficiency in producing agricultural products and foodstuffs year after year”.

Referring to the increase in foreign investment in the country, he added: “Today Iran has a rapid move towards development in business and economic ties with other countries”.

Stating that $102 million has been allocated for transportation projects of the province, he said: “All of these decisions will be put into action during year 95 and 96”.

The President also mentioned that long- and short-term plans for resolving water shortage in Semnan province are underway.

On promoting tourism, he continued: “Semnan should not be a place merely for tourists to pass through, but rather a tourism destination”. He also said that the government intends to provide facilities for 6 major hotels in the province.

With the special economic zone starting to function in Semnan, the province will become ready for exporting products, said Dr Rouhani.

He added: “67 projects and plans with $269 million credit will be operationalised in years 95 and 96 in Semnan contributing to its prosperity and development”.

news id: 93077

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