Chabahar a new chapter for regional coop./Strengthening Tehran-New Delhi ties beneficial to all/Iran a secure source for India’s energy supply

“With the development of Chabahar port, India will be connected to Central Asia, Caucasus, and Afghanistan and this enormous plan is a new chapter for mutual and multilateral cooperation between Iran and New Delhi across the region” said Dr Rouhani in a meeting with Indian Foreign Minister.

Sun 17 - April 2016 - 19:27

In this meeting that was held on Sunday, Dr Rouhani said: “The history of relations and cultural closeness between the two countries are good foundations for further development of mutual ties in all areas of mutual interest”.
Stressing the friendly and historical ties between the Iranian and Indian nations, the President added: “Tehran and New Delhi have myriad common interests and can develop economic and political ties and have extensive regional and international cooperation”.
He also mentioned the upcoming trip of Indian high-ranking officials to Iran as a significant step in development of ties and continued: “Iran and India’s economies are complementary to each other and Iran is capable of securing energy supply for the emerging Indian economy”.
“Iran and India have had good progress in scientific and technological fields and the path is paved for having common cooperation in these fields,” added Rouhani.
In this meeting, Minister of External Affairs of India Sushma Swaraj said: “India is willing to develop ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields”.
She referred to the strong bonds between the two nations as an important factor for deepening political and economic ties between the two governments and continued: “India, as an emerging economy, needs energy and is willing to have relations based on synergy with a win-win result for both countries”.
She added: “Through Chabahar Port, India can be connected to the entire Central Asia and Caucuses and this is beneficial not only to the two countries, but also to the whole region”.

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