Iran welcomes developing ties with the Balkans/Divine religions against violence, terrorism

Iran welcomes developing ties with the European Union, including countries located in the Balkans, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the President of Serbia.

Sun 17 - April 2016 - 14:14

“Tehran and Belgrade have extensive facilities and capabilities that can be used to develop ties to the benefit of the two nations,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić who is here in Tehran on an unofficial trip to attend the opening ceremony of the 5th Symposium of World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the spread of violence and terrorism as one of the big crises of the region and the world and said: “Divine religions, especially Islam promote peace and brotherhood among all humans and are against terrorism”.

“Everybody should unite for combat against terrorism,” President said while speaking about the scourge of terrorism in the region and the entire world.

In this meeting, President Nikolić said that his country is willing to develop ties with Iran, adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s strong resistance in the sanctions era and its victory in the nuclear negotiations is the indicator of its cultural power and its greatness”.

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