I.R. Iran Army the army of Islam, Islamic system/Army, other armed forces loved by people

“Islamic Republic of Iran Army Day is the army of Islam and the Islamic system and it belongs to the great Iranian nation, not possessed by any party, faction or group,” President at Islamic Republic of Iran Army Day celebration.

Sun 17 - April 2016 - 10:15

In this ceremony that was held early on Sunday, Dr Rouhani described authority as a legitimate power and said: “Today the Army and other armed forces are loved by people and are trusted by the whole country”.

Referring to the armed forces’ courageous resistance in the Sacred Defence era, the President added: “If the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, the Law-Enforcement Forces and Basij Forces did not repel the invaders in the Sacred Defence era, today a different fate would await the people”.

“Today our nation is proud of this strong and mighty army which has Islamic motivations and cares about the national interests” he added.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the attempts made by some to dissolve the Army as a conspiracy against national authority and added: “With Imam [Khomeini]’s wisdom and naming the Army Day, this great conspiracy was uncovered and the Army was strengthened”.

Congratulating the Army Day to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, President Rouhani also said: “We are holding the Book, logic, prudence and rationality in one hand, and sword in the other and these two are accompanying each other”.

“Just like the armed forces defended the rights of the people in the 8-year Sacred Defence era, our diplomats well defended the rights of the Iranian people in negotiations with the world powers with courage,” continued the President.

He also mentioned that “in the negotiations it was clearly stated that Iran’s military power should be maintained against conspiracies” and added: “One who says we do not need hard power is naïve and one who says that we do not need soft power looks at things short-sightedly”.

Dr Rouhani went on saying that we all are on one ship and there is one person leading the ship. He added: “We have a single leader, government, law, and nation and we all are beside each other and even if our tastes are not alike, our goals are definitely the same and we are moving in a direction the end of which is preserving the rights of the Iranian nation and national achievements”.

Stressing that Iran’s military, political and economic powers are not against neighbouring countries and the Islamic World, he said: “As I clearly stated in the OIC Summit, Iran considers Islamic countries’ power as its own and its own power as theirs”.

“I declared in the OIC Summit that if tomorrow your capital cities are endangered by terrorists and Zionists, the power that will respond positively to your request is the Islamic Republic of Iran,” continued the President.

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