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Announced in the meeting of cooperation council;

Tehran-Ankara ties to boost in banking, insurance, stock market/The two countries stress fighting ISIS, establishing stability, unity in Syria, Iraq/Banking, private sectors’ ties development without limits

President Rouhani attended the meeting of Council of Strategic Cooperation of Iran and Turkey in Ankara and expressed hope that during Turkey’s OIC presidency, the two countries can cooperate with each other to help solve the issues of the Islamic World.

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Sat 16 - April 2016 - 19:51

President Rouhani said: “Removing all obstacles on the way of banking sectors for public and private sectors are the most important measures on the path to develop relations and trade and economic ties between the two countries”.

Stressing the need to further facilitate cooperation between entrepreneurs and private sectors of the two countries, he also said: “Strengthening roads, air lines, shipping lines, and railroads should be considered as the main paths for development of economic and trade ties between the two countries as decided before”.

“Heads of the joint cooperation commissions of the two countries have been authorised to facilitate and accelerate the plans and resolve the possible obstacles in this path” added Rouhani.

The President also said: “Iran is ready to guarantee Turkey’s energy supply, including oil, gas, petrochemicals and electricity”.

Stressing attempts to realise the $30-billion goal for relations between Iran and Turkey, he added: “Iran and Turkey can have good cooperation with each other in various fields such as tourism, energy, science and technology and other sectors of mutual interest”.

“We should push radical takfiri ideas out of the way and do not let the youths of the Islamic World be affected by false and dangerous propaganda by the groups” continued President Rouhani.

He also described promoting Islamic unity as one of the responsibilities of the OIC and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate with OIC on extremism, violence and takfiri ideas and introduce the active position of Muslim women in today’s society”.

In this meeting, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “Iran and Turkey complement each other and should further develop their ties in the new opportunities”.

He also underlined the existence of the necessary groundwork for developing ties between the two countries and said: “Development of Tehran-Ankara ties benefits the two countries and will also significantly contribute to resolving issues of the region”.

news id: 93012

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