Iran-Turkey ties development will benefit both countries, region, Islamic World/Zionism, terrorism key issues of Muslim World/Both countries determined to develop ties

President Rouhani met with the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu and stressed the need to develop and deepen ties and cooperation between Iran and Turkey in all areas of mutual interest through making the best use of the potentials of the two countries in the post-sanctions era.

Sat 16 - April 2016 - 11:18

In this meeting that was held late on Friday, Dr Rouhani appreciated the Turkish officials for holding the 13th Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit and expressed hope that during Turkey’s presidency, Islamic countries witness development of cooperation, unity and integrity.

Expressing regret over OIC’s failure to play its role as a centre for hope for all Muslims, he continued: “We should all join hands to use this institution to the benefit of unity and integrity on the Islamic World”.

“Today, there are amicable relations between the two nations and this valuable capital of the two governments will contribute to deepening of ties in all areas of mutual interest,” added Rouhani.

Stressing the two governments’ resolve to develop Tehran-Ankara ties, he also said: “Iran and Turkey are able to help solve most of the issues and crises of the region with each other’s help and consultation”.

“Today with the sanctions against the Iranian nation lifted, there is an opportunity for developing ties between the two countries and we can make the best use of them,” Dr Rouhani said mentioning that the development of business and economic ties between Iran and Turkey depends on fostering baking cooperation.

He also underlined cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey can develop ties in different areas such as trade, economy, culture, tourism and transportation and reach the $30-billion goal”.

Describing Zionism and terrorism as key issues of the Islamic World, President Rouhani went on to say: “There is no doubt in the failure of Zionism and all Islamic countries, especially Iran and Turkey, should attempt to solve the issues and discords in the Islamic World”.

“The issues of the Islamic World should be solved merely by Islamic countries, without any foreign intervention” continued Rouhani.

In this meeting, Prime Minister Davutoğlu expressed satisfaction at meeting Dr Rouhani and that Turkey is determined to develop its ties with Iran in all areas of mutual interest.

Adding that “Ankara firmly supports limitless cooperation between banks and stock markets of Iran and Turkey” he said: “The current remarkable capacities between various sectors should be developed according to development of ties and relations between the two countries”.

He also described terrorism as a threat and crisis for all countries of the region and the world and said: “Today ISIS is a common threat to all countries of the region and the entire world should confront it collectively; in doing so, Turkey is completely ready to cooperate with Iran in this regard”.

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