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President addressing Iranians residing in Turkey:

Iranians residing abroad are the country’s ambassadors/All Iranians should have a share in development, prosperity/Gov’t determined to develop ties with all countries, esp. neighbours

“Fellow countrymen residing I foreign countries can have a significant role in developing Iran’s relations with other countries of the world,” said President Rouhani addressing the Iranians residing in Turkey.

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Fri 15 - April 2016 - 01:16

In this meeting which was held late on Thursday in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr Rouhani said: “The 11th government had promised people from its early days to attempt to solve the nuclear issue” and it succeeded.

Describing the nuclear deal as a historic achievement, he also said: “Iran’s agreement with 5+1 established national interests well and we succeeded in reclaim Iranian people’s rights for achieving peaceful nuclear energy which was sanctioned by international institutions and big powers”.

He added: “Gaining the rights of the Iranian nation and cancelling the resolutions against Iran were hard and complicated tasks”.

Mentioning people’s votes as a factor which helped the government in striking the deal, President Rouhani continued: “Today we are witnessing the agreement’s implementation and because of that, various entrepreneurs, investors and companies around the world are facing towards Iran to invest and cooperate”.

On the need to properly tap the post-JCPOA opportunities, he said: “Today the entrepreneurs and the private sector have a great task to use the opportunity to attract investments and boost the national economy”.

“Today Iran is a country with stability and security in the region,” the President said stating that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always yearned for stability and peace in all countries, especially the ones in the region.

He also said that the people of other countries can become familiar with the Iranian nation’s culture and moral characteristics and continued: “Government is determined to develop ties with all countries, especially its neighbours”.

On the significant roles that Iranian experts, intellectual and researchers have overseas, Dr Rouhani also said: “All Iranians should have a share in the development and prosperity of Iran”.

“Iran is determined to develop ties with Turkey and Iranian nationals residing in this country can have significant roles in doing so” Rouhani said.

Development of Iran-Turkey ties will definitely benefit both countries and other countries of the region as well, added President Rouhani.

news id: 92946

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