Tehran-Algeria ties developing/No way other than consultation, cooperation to solve problems

President Rouhani met with the Algerian Parliament Speaker Abdul Qadir bin Saleh and stressed making the best use of the post-sanctions atmosphere as a good opportunity to boost cooperation between the two countries and develop amicable and brotherly ties.

Thu 14 - April 2016 - 22:20

In this meeting which happened late on Thursday on the sidelines of the OIC Summit in Turkey, Dr Rouhani hailed Algerian people’s revolutionary beliefs and said: “Today both countries share close and common views on regional and international issues and Tehran-Algiers ties are developing”.

Stressing the need to maintain stability and peace in all regions of the world, he also said: “Most of the regions of the world, including North Africa are struggling with complicated issues for years and foreigners’ involvement and terrorist groups’ activities have created myriad crises”.

He also said that if terrorism is not confronted, it will spread to other parts of the world and continued: “To solve the problems, there is no way other than consultation and cooperation”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes developing ties with Algeria in all fields,” President added.

In this meeting, the Algerian Senate Speaker also praised Dr Rouhani’s main stances and speech in OIC Summit and said: “Iran and Algeria share close views towards most regional and international issues and this is due to the two nations and countries’ beliefs”.

He also described foreigners’ intervention as the main factor of the issues of the region and stressed maintaining the rights of the nations for choosing their own fate.

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