Any divisive move at OIC surely invalid/Boosting ties with Muslim World Iran’s top priority/S. Arabia, Iran not problem for each other; the main problem ignorance, prejudice, aggression

Strengthening relations with the Muslim Countries is one top priority for the Islamic Republic of Iran and any divisive move in the OIC is surely invalid, said President addressing the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit in Istanbul.

Thu 14 - April 2016 - 17:18

In this event that happened on Thursday in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr Rouhani said: “Discords in the Muslim World is a crisis for all of us and solving the disputes and misunderstandings is possible merely through diplomatic ways and by peaceful means and negotiations”.

The full text of President’s speech is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

‘And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favour of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favour, brothers’. (Holy Quran)

Your Excellency Mr Erdoğan,

Honourable President of the brother country of Turkey and the Chairman of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit,

Honourable Presidents of the Islamic Countries,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I want to congratulate Your Excellency for the warm hospitality of the Turkish state and nation and wish you prosperity and success.

Today, we have convened with the motto of ‘Unity and Solidarity for Justice and Peace’ in the beautiful and historical city of Istanbul and it is a great opportunity to ponder the common fate of all Muslims in the world.

Some centuries ago, when the Islamic civilization was at its zenith of power, no one assumed that one day, they (Muslim) would become so weak in dealing with the western civilisation which owed Muslims very much in terms of scientific growth or the day that the Islamic civilisation which encompassed all schools of thought and tribes and had established peaceful coexistence among them, maybe no one assumed that sectarian violence and extremism would rampant among Muslims in a way that assassination of one Muslim with the hands of another Muslim to become so habitual.

The truth is that the decline of the Islamic civilization started when the big powers in the Islamic civilization fruitlessly confronted one another instead of exercising synergy and prepared the grounds for aggression of the foreigners.

And today history is repeating itself. Widespread political, economic, cultural and especially intellectual and doctrinal aggression has stiffened, but in a new form in which they have brought Islam against Islam and branch against branch, as well as extremist and takfiri groups which everyone knows where and how they have been formed and how they are being backed, killing Muslims and non-Muslims in large numbers through the most violent and cruel way possible. Pure violence has prevailed over Islamic kindness and ignorant values have replaced Islamic moral values. Regretfully, since these atrocities occur under the name of Islam, the main victims are the Islamic principles and values.

The Muslim World does not deserve to be target of insecurity, violence and organized terrorism which will bring it backwardness and lack of development. Rather, it deserves to have a significant place; and this is not possible unless we ponder our surrounding world with more concern.

Our deeds and not our claims or titles will be judged by the Muslims.

Some anti-Islam groups are rendering financial and military aid to defame Islam and this should be prevented.

When hundreds of billions of US dollars from the pocket of Islamic Ummah is spent on military arsenals, how can we talk about Islamic unity and persuade the youths to talk about blessings of Islam?

Islam has taught us that crimes under any name or title are regarded as crime and that it makes no difference it occurs in Palestine, Lahore, Beirut, Damascus, Istanbul or New York. What matters, is that we know the roots and grounds and attempt to confront it by firm resolve.


The Islamic Republic of Iran avoids any tension and instability in the region and always seeks solidarity and unity among Islamic Ummah. Iran is to help other countries to resolve their disputes through negotiations under a constructive atmosphere.

Honourable Leaders of the Islamic Countries;

It is crystal clear that neither Saudi Arabia is regarded as Iran's problem nor Iran is regarded as Saudi's problem, the main issue is ignorance, prejudice and violence which are now regarded as main hurdle and root cause of discords in the Islamic World.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always backed Muslim countries and Muslims against aggressions, threats, occupation and terrorism.

The day Saddam invaded Kuwait, it was Iran that condemned the move before others and sheltered Kuwaiti and Iraqi refugees.

When takfiri terrorists approached the gates of Baghdad and Irbil, it was Iran that helped Iraqi nation and government against their savage atrocities.

When Damascus was on the verge of occupation and annihilation, it was Iran that stood by Syrian people.

When Gaza was under attack by the Zionists, Iran and Hizbullah stood by Palestinian nation the same as they backed Lebanese nation.

If one day terrorists want to attack any Islamic states or religious place, and in case we are requested to confront them, Iran will never hesitate.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

No divisive message should be sent from the OIC Summit which has been held with the name of unity; and any divisive measure is definitely invalid in that it does not accompany the consensus of this organisation and the Islamic Ummah and is in contrast with its founding philosophy.

It is our duty to seriously deal with any violence, extremism by resorting to the Holy Quran, Islamic World should be an exemplary model for a moderate society.

I appreciate your attention

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you all.

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