Inking 36 coop. docs illustrates firm resolve for developing Iran-Italy ties/Consultation, coordination for solving regional crises to increase

President Rouhani described the signing of 36 cooperation documents between Iran and Italy in the recent months as the illustrator of the firm resolve of the two countries for developing ties and cooperation and said: “Italian Prime Minister’s trip to Tehran is a significant start for developing Tehran-Rome ties in different economic, scientific, technological and tourism fields, as well as consultation and coordination in important regional and international issues”.

Tue 12 - April 2016 - 14:35

“The Islamic Republic of Iran attaches great importance to its relations with Italy and Rome’s stances during the hard times of sanctions was a moderate one compared to some other countries’,” said Dr Rouhani in a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Italy on Tuesday.

President continued: “Although Italy was not a part of 5+1 negotiations, it played its role in the success of the negotiations by choosing Ms Mogherini”.

Mentioning that he chose Italy as the first European country to visit after the implementation of JCPOA, Dr Rouhani added: “My trip to Rome and the Italian Prime Minister’s trip to Tehran within the last 3 months sends the clear message that the two governments have a firm resolve to develop ties in various fields”.

He added: “The two countries have signed good documents and agreements in fields of industry, transportation, tourism, science and technology and other economic fields and effective steps should be taken to put them into action”.

“Signing these 36 documents can provide both countries with a new path to develop economic ties especially in the fields of investment and transfer of new technologies from Italy to Iran,” President Rouhani continued.

Referring to effective steps taken in the fields of banking and insurance, he also said that there are still efforts to be made in this regard because “although banking sanctions have been removed and banking cooperation has started, we need to undertake more endeavour to remove the psychological atmosphere left behind from the sanctions era”.

“Before sanctions, Italy was one of Iran’s major trade partners in the European Union and it can reclaim this position today,” he continued.

On the development of Tehran-Rome ties in different economic, scientific, technological and tourism fields he said: “We are determined to deepen and develop mutual cooperation, especially in the field of tourism and strengthening relations between the two nations”.

Dr Rouhani referred to negotiations with the Italian side on fighting Islamophobia and went on to say: “It is necessary for the world to know that divine religions, including Islam, have no connection with terror and terrorism and all divine religions deliver the message of peace, friendship and peaceful coexistence between all humans”.

“Crises in the countries of the region including Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Libya were among other issues that were discussed by both sides and further consultation and coordination to solve the crises were underscored” added the President.

He also said that both sides agreed on combatting terrorism and delivering altruistic aids to the displaced people in Yemen and Syria.

In this joint press conference, Prime Minister Renzi stressed amicable relations between the two nations and states and said: “The new era of Iran-Italy relations is historical in ties of the two countries”.

Describing the relations of the two countries as deep and amicable, he also added: “Positive history of relations of the two countries is an effective base for further development of ties and cooperation of the two sides in various fields”.

The Italian Prime Minister also referred to the trust between Iran and 5+1 countries as the base for the nuclear deal and said: “This trust is a perfect platform for development of economic ties and cooperation in various levels”.

“Building strong foundations for economic relations requires banks and financial and insurance institutions playing roles and today the representatives of banks and financial and insurance institutions of Italy are accompanying us in Tehran to prepare this foundation,” continued Renzi.

He also said that the two countries share views on human rights and added: “We follow Dr Rouhani’s view on this issue and he believes that religion has been introduced to create and spread peace among the human beings and our effort is based on spreading this view and discourse”.

Mentioning that some European countries believe that Islam promotes extremism and radicalism, he added: “I agree with Dr Rouhani saying that one of the effective means for fighting this view is cultural activities”.

On the next G7 Summit which is going to be held in Italy, he said: “We will try to remove the remaining parts of sanctions on Iran and create a better atmosphere for development of economic ties”.

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