Iran determined to develop ties with Kazakhstan/Signing 66 coop. docs between private, public sectors of Iran, Kazakhstan a turning point in Tehran-Astana ties

President Rouhani described Tehran-Astana ties as old and amicable and stressed exploiting all capabilities and capacities between the two countries in order to further develop and deepen Iran-Kazakhstan ties and cooperation.

Mon 11 - April 2016 - 16:05

President Hassan Rouhani attended the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Kazakhstan and said: “This trip will be a turning point in developing ties and increasing consultation between the two countries”.

He added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to develop and boost ties with Kazakhstan and Tehran will spare no effort in this regard”.

Dr Rouhani also thanked Kazakhstan for hosting Iran’s nuclear negotiations with 5+1.

Underscoring facilitation for the private sectors of the two countries, he also added: “In this trip, the private and public sectors of Iran and Kazakhstan will ink 66 documents and this will be a turning point in the economic relations between Iran and Kazakhstan”.

“Extensive talents and opportunities should be best used by the two countries” added Rouhani.

The President also continued: “The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Kazakhstan support each other in major regional and international issues and we should bolster our cooperation in this regard”.

He also stressed political solution to the crises in the region and said: “creating stability and security in Afghanistan is very important for both countries and we believe that the national unity government in this country (Afghanistan) should be strengthened and combating terrorism continue with more momentum”.

On Syrian crisis, President Rouhani said: “We consider only political discussion as the final solution in Syria and we believe that all groups and tribes in Syria should have a share in the future of the country and play roles in it”.

In this meeting also President Nazarbayev described solving the nuclear issue as a big achievement for the Islamic Republic of Iran and said: “This event was a great diplomatic victory for the Iranian nation and lead to the elevation of Iran’s position in the region and the world”.

“We support Iran’s membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Eurasian Union” added Nazarbayev.

He also said: “Being friends and developing ties with Iran is very important for us”.

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