Signing 66 coop. docs between Iran, Kazakhstan private, public sectors a turning point in ties/Extremism, terrorism, rifts between religion branches 3 important dangers for the Muslim World

President Rouhani described the signing of 66 cooperation documents between private and public sectors of Iran and Kazakhstan as a turning point in Tehran-Astana ties and stressed: “Tehran welcomes development of ties with Astana in political, economic and cultural fields”.

Mon 11 - April 2016 - 15:54

In this event which happened on Monday, Dr Rouhani described Kazakhstan as a friend neighbouring country and said: “The government of Kazakhstan has always stood by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the era of sanctions and nuclear negotiations and helped the implementation process of JCPOA by sending 60 tonnes of Yellowcake to Iran”.

“Cooperation and brokerage operations by national banks of the two countries and facilitating issuance of visas for Iranian merchants, as well as the two governments’ support of private sectors can be significant steps for development of ties between Tehran and Astana,” continued Dr Rouhani.

Underlining good opportunities for boosting cooperation, he continued: “The agricultural sector and extra-territorial cultivation in Kazakhstan and sustainable food security and cooperation in the field of mining are amongst the important fields of economic activities between the two countries”.

President also mentioned necessary legal measures in the field of free trade between the two countries.

He continued: “During the private meetings of the high-raking delegations of the two countries, discussions were made about trade and agricultural sectors, as well as scientific, cultural and technological issues”.

“In the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals, as well as petroleum products and transportation and connecting railways of Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and even China were other issues that the two sides underscored” added the President.

He also said that the issues regarding Caspian Sea, environmental issues, tourism and legal regime were discusses by the two sides.

Stressing that Iran and Kazakhstan share views on regional issues, he continued: “We believe that the issue of extremism, terrorism and rifts between branches and sects are three important dangers threatening the Muslim World”.

“Establishing stability and security in the region, especially in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and ending the war in Yemen, taking political solutions for the issues were among the issues of discussion and both sides shared the same opinions in this regard” continued Dr Rouhani.

On the coming Organisation of Islamic Countries Summit in Istanbul, he said: “Both sides stress that the voice to be echoed in the world form this conference, should be the voice of unity, correlation and cooperation of the Muslim World”.

President Nazarbayev also said that lift of anti-Iran sanctions lead to a new page in the history of relations of the two countries and added: “Kazakhstan has always stood up by Iran and shares views in major regional issues with Tehran “.

Mentioning signing of 66 cooperation documents worth $2 billion between Iran and Astana, he also said: “The two countries have a lot of capacity to develop ties in different economic, business, agriculture and industry and mining fields and we are determined to activate thee capacity”.

On the need to combat terrorism and foster unity of the Muslim Ummah, he went on to say: “We should separate terrorism and Islam and fight terrorism with Islamic unity”.

At the end of the event, the Kazakh President invited Dr Rouhani to officially visit Kazakhstan.

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