Providing housing for the vulnerable classes a fundamental principle of the Islamic Revolution/Govt’s attempt to hand over incomplete construction plans to private sector/Stressing govt’s commitment to solve housing problems

“We should aim at solving people’s housing issues in the best way; and in doing so, revolutionary institutions such as Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution and Mostazafan Foundation,” said President Rouhani addressing the managers of Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution.

Sat 09 - April 2016 - 12:07

In this meeting which happened on Saturday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani referred to the late Imam Khomeini’s (RA) order to found Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution and said: “It is clear in Imam Khomeini’s (RA) order for founding Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution that he was suffering to know that low-income classes of the society do not possess appropriate housing and he was always determined that we should facilitate provision of housing for the severely deprived”.

He also mentioned ups and downs in the housing sector in the country and said: “Until year 1387, only 30 to 35 per cent of investments were made in the housing sector but the figure rose to 70 per cent in 1388 and this caused inflation in housing and we faced a stagnation,” mentioning other factors that fanned the problem such as excessive imports.

Dr Rouhani continued: “In the previous government, to compensate for the gap caused by increase in investments in the housing sector, the risky path of using resources of the Central Bank was chosen and this entailed grave risks; this issue caused devaluation of the currency of the country, leading to inflation”.

Describing the 11th government’s attempts to reduce inflation, maintain Central Bank's monetary base, and the not use resources of the Central Bank, he added: “In Mehr Housing scheme, none of the essential requirements of housing, including safety, health, educations and training centres, and even water, electricity and gas were included and this was a fundamental problem”.

“The government, the Housing Foundation, banks and donors should cooperate and coordinate to help solve housing problems of the vulnerable classes of the country” he said while describing the fundamental reasons for foundation of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution.

Stating that in the housing sector there is no private sector able to take over the responsibilities of the sector, Dr Rouhani said: “Today in many advanced countries of the world, the private sector is responsible to build and provide housing for the people and then exploit it”.

On increasing research activities in the housing sector, he also said: “Today we are facing major problems in big cities because of the large numbers of people moving to them…and we should cooperate and try to solve these problems”.

Hailing the Housing Foundation for its high-value activities in reconstructing and improving houses, as well as organising villages, he added: “Covering 38 villages of over 20 families and plans for future organisation of the villages is a good path that should continue”.

Dr Rouhani also described creating the Savings Fund for Housing as another measures taken by the government and said: “Being able to provide the people and the youth housing with enough facilities for living within the city, is more important than constructing houses without facilities, far from the city”.

The President went on to stress that the worn-out neighbourhood should be paid attention and addressed in order for it to be revived.

“We should try to draw out the housing sector from stagnation, a move that can play a major role in economic boost of the country” continued Rouhani.

On the importance of reviving villages, he also said: “Villages of the country can be significant tourism centres and we should use their capabilities to make the best use of the great talents in them”.

“Creating jobs and housing for the villagers, as well as implementing plans in villages are among the factors that are of importance for the government,” continued Dr Rouhani, underlining paying attention to Islamic culture and civilisation in construction of the houses.

President Rouhani also stressed government’s attempt to hand over incomplete construction plans to private sector as a plan to confront stagnation in the sector.

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