We do not fully trust others; our basis monitoring, validation/Moderation the foundation of Islamic thought, basic to the country’s progress/Supreme Leader has been supporter of prudence and hope

President Rouhani attended the ceremony marking the National Nuclear Technology Day of Iran and delivered a speech, appreciating all Iranian intellectuals and scientists for their attempts in upgrading Iran’s position.

Thu 07 - April 2016 - 15:03

In this ceremony which was held on Thursday, Dr Rouhani described moderation as the foundation of Islamic thought and basic to the country’s progress and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s achievements are the result of moderate thoughts and authoritative interaction”.
Commemorating the memory of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defence, as well as the nuclear martyrs and said: “Great nuclear martyrs gave their lives and immortalised scientific and technological honours of the country”.
He also described year 1394 as the year of showing Iran’s soft power and said: “In 94 we announced the world that soft power should be paid attention more than hard power and the whole world saw that reasoning and negotiating table prevails over threat and pressure”.
“Moderation tells us we should neither trust others on all instances, nor be sceptical of others on all instances,” he said.
He continued: “The great Supreme Leader of the Revolution have guided and supported prudence and hope all the time”.

Stressing self-sufficiency and self-reliance, coupled with interaction with the world, he also said: “Self-sufficiency and self-reliance should be achieved at minimum cost and in minimum time”.

“Moderation means that our approach to the world and other countries should be balanced,” continued Rouhani.

President also said that “we cannot fully trust or be sceptical of others” and added: “In the nuclear agreement, neither we face 5+1 based on trust, nor they face us based on full trust. Our basis is monitoring and validation; and we will progress step by step and with close monitoring”.

On the attempts made by the government to eradicate Iranophobia, the President said: “Today the world trusts Iran and this great nation, despite the unjust judgements some used to have”.

“Iran is no threat to any country and considers its neighbours’ security as its own. We did not invade or threat any other country during 37 years after the Revolution. We just defended ourselves when we were attacked” added Rouhani.

He continued: “Of course we should possess power and any country should strengthen itself against possible threats”.

“Any kind of military power and weapons we have, is for creating security in our country and the countries of the nation. If any country thinks that Iran is a threat to them, it has made a mistake in its calculations” said the President.

Dr Rouhani also said: “Just as our nuclear scientists and all our great scientists are popular because of their services in science and technology, all our diplomats are popular because they have defended the rightful rights of our country artistically. Dr Zarif is not inventor but an artist who has best defended the rights of the Iranian nation at the negotiating table with his colleagues”.

“Our powerful and sophisticated leader guided us in Khordad 1392. He also guided and supported us during the nuclear negotiations and if our government was the government of prudence and hope, we learned both from him” continued the President.

He went on saying: “Today the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action has brought us a good opportunity for the country and we should best use this opportunity”.

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