President unveils new nuc industry achievements

President Rouhani unveiled the latest achievements in nuclear industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Thu 07 - April 2016 - 14:31

In this unveiling ceremony which was held on Thursday, Dr Rouhani unveiled Zonal centrifuge and Ultracentrifuge machines, as well as test fuel of power reactors and test fuel of Arak modern reactor.
He also unveiled three books related to nuclear issues such as nuclear security, Iranian nuclear industry, and double standards of IAEA in dealing with countries suspected to have nuclear weapons programs.
In this ceremony, Dr Rouhani also inaugurated Pasman Goor nuclear site in Anarak region via videoconferencing.
The site is responsible for the management of radioactive wastes in Iran.
While inaugurating the site, Dr Rouhani appreciated attempts by all people who have worked hard in nuclear field and care about the environment.

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