Gov’t approves initialling Iran-Austria coop. docs

In a cabinet session which was held on Wednesday and chaired by Dr Rouhani, the Council of Ministers authorised the Ministry of Interior to carry out negotiations and temporarily sign agreements on security and law-enforcement cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Austria within 3 years after the notification of the act.

Wed 06 - April 2016 - 15:34

In this session, the Department of Environment was also authorised to sign the Paris Agreement, regarding weather changes, within a year after the notification of the act.

The bill of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government's accession to the Tampere Convention regarding provision of communications equipment during disaster relief operations, was another act approved by the Council of Ministers.

The session also concluded with approval of executive regulations of the ‘Act of Constant Improvement of Business Environments’ and amendments in regulations regarding foreign trips of Islamic Councils’ members.

Addressing a report by the Department of Environment regarding air pollution, the cabinet also approved measure to be taken for preventing air pollution by following solutions such as completing the distribution of Euro-4 petrol in metropolises and improving the quality of domestic cars from Euro-2 to Euro-4 standards.

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