ICT a base for the country’s development/1395 the year of working, management for action and deed in EoR/Retaining religious, moral, cultural values in cyberspace a must

President Rouhani addressed the Minister of Information and Communications Technology and the high-ranking officials of the ministry and said: “Year 1395 is the year of working and management for action and deed in Economy of Resistance”.

Mon 04 - April 2016 - 13:45

In this meeting which happened on Monday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani mentioned the required facilities for the development of the country and said: “JCPOA provides the required facilities, removes the obstacles and creates an atmosphere in which we can use all facilities to the benefit of the people and the country’s development and progress”.

Describing Iran as an effective and powerful country in the word in the field of energy, he added: “Soon with God’s help and the government’s attempts, we will reach a point in the market where we deserved to be”.

“In the history of the country after the Revolution, 1394 (last Iranian year) was the first year in which non-oil exports exceeded the non-oil imports” continued Dr Rouhani.

On the advancements achieved in the Ministry of ICT, President said: “Based on the reports by the ICT Minister, in the beginning days of the government the ministry has had 14.5 per cent progress according to the fifth development plan and today this figure has exceeded 100 per cent”.

“In a country that all its pillars are guided by the Quran, divine rules, the constitution and the Supreme Leader, we should not occupy our minds with the margins,” he said, stressing unity and integrity in the country.

He continued: “Issues regarding election campaigns should end with the election and we should all make attempts for the country’s development and progress and do not let the effects of an election last until the next one”.

“We should use domestic capabilities and out country’s young forces in its best way and in doing so, IT and ICT can be driving forces for the development of knowledge and science, as well as technology” said the President.

Referring to the approval of the framework of the National Information Network in the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, he also said: “The ICT Ministry should be people’s trustee in providing them with services”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the need for full implementation of the Electronic Government and said: “The Electronic Government is one of the ways of fighting corruption in the country”.

Stressing the need to retain religious, moral and cultural values in cyberspace, he continued: “We should use the smartest and cheapest ways of screening and by having constructive interaction with countries that have such facilities, we should plan to facilitate people’s use and protect their culture through keeping the country’s secrets”.

“Although there are myriad knowledges today, all of them need ICT” added Rouhani.

He continued: “In sustainable development, the environment is emphasized, for if industry develops but the environment is not healthy, life will be pointless”.

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