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President in the first cabinet session in the new year:

Gov’t a non-partisan one/Supreme Leader’s glory, our glory/We deeply believe in EoR policies/Strife, discord to the detriment of all/We will follow any measures regarding defensive bases

“Today, the conditions created by last year’s preparatory work is readier to be taken advantage of,” said President in the first cabinet meeting in the new year, wishing a happy new year to the cabinet members.

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Mon 28 - March 2016 - 10:19

In this session which was held late on Sunday, Dr Rouhani chaired the meeting and referred to the nuclear agreement as an unforgettable event in the history of Iran and the world.

He also tasked executive organs to brief people on the changes made because of the nuclear deal.

Stressing that the government is closely and seriously watching the other side of the nuclear agreement’s commitments, Dr Rouhani said: “Neither our government, nor the President is partisan. The government of ‘Prudence and Hope’ is a non-partisan one”.

On the importance of bolstering unity and tolerating each other, he also said: “For a society that ponders unity in the Muslim World, interaction with each other within a society with ample commonalities is a good sign of loyalty to the Islamic ideal”.

“Unfortunately, some are seeking division and discord. I candidly announce that the Leadership is the leader of all of us. Based on our religious, legal and national criteria, the government totally follows the Leadership’s guidance and whenever he orders, we will try to implement it exactly,” he continued.

He went on saying: “Supreme Leader’s glory is our glory and undermining His Excellency means all of us, the country and the system is undermined”.

President Rouhani also slammed division and discord, saying it is to the detriment of all of us. “Definitely, the enemies welcome the divisions”.

In reference to the new year being designated by the Supreme Leader as the year of the ‘Economy of Resistance: Action and Deed’, he said: “This indicates that also the Supreme Leader considers economy the main point and we deeply believe in the Economy of Resistance (EoR) policies”.

“I call on all ministers to report on the measures taken in this regard” he added.

Strongly supporting defensive measures employed in the country, the President said: “We will follow any measures regarding strengthening defensive bases of the country and this is our strategic policy. At the same time, we should be careful not to provide Iran’s enemies with excuses they can misuse”.

“Today, there is a hope in future and trust in the government in the country and we all should try not to destroy the capital. We must be aware that the Zionists are using all their facilities in the U.S., Europe and the region to stop the nuclear agreement and obstruct the implementation of JCPOA and we should not let them succeed” added Rouhani.

At the end of the session, President Rouhani required the Council of Ministers to submit their operational plan for the realisation of at least 5-per cent growth in national production in year 1395.

news id: 92720

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