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President in a meeting with a number of branches’ executors and organs’ managers:

Gov’t focuses on acceleration, synergy in 1395 to implement EoR policies

President Rouhani had a new-year meeting with a number of executors of branches and managers of organs and announced that the government is determined to focus on accelerating its programs in year 1395, which has been designated by the Supreme Leader as the year of the “Economy of Resistance: Action and Deed”.

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Sun 27 - March 2016 - 14:00

In this meeting which was held on Sunday at President’s office, Dr Rouhani said that in order to implement the EoR policies, there is a need to support domestic production, regulate plans to comply with economic boost in all sectors coupled with maintaining the decreasing trend of inflation, create productive employment for the youth, have constructive interaction with the world, and attract capital and modern technology.

Stressing that the government’s operational approach in economy has been based on Economy of Resistance, he said that the process will be continued in post-sanctions opportunity with more strength.

He continued: “Economy of Resistance, with an inward and outward-looking approach, is a powerful economy without being affected by foreign threats, but profited by capital and technology”.

“In this framework, the government will focus on implementing and putting EoR policies into action in 1395” continued Rouhani, adding: “Without a doubt, Supreme Leader’s guidance and support, as well as empathy from the side of the branches, institutions and organs, and people’s support will bring about a year replete with economic growth and further welfare for the Islamic Iran”.

The President went on saying: “Last year, the people of Iran opened new pages in their victories and this process will be accelerated this year thanks to Her Holiness Fatima Al-Zahra (SA)”.

He also referred to the nuclear deal and lift of unjust sanctions, as well as people’s massive turnout in parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections and described them as other instances of successes in the previous year.

“Because of the Supreme Leader’s guidance, people and officials’ empathy, rapport and unity the nuclear case was closed and unjust sanctions on the Iranian nation were lifted” continued Dr Rouhani.

At the end, President Rouhani expressed hope that 1395 would be a fruitful year, replete with honour and pride for the country through unity and empathy exercised by all branches and institutions under the Supreme Leader, as well as public cooperation, especially entrepreneurs and business executives in private sector.

news id: 92708

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