Iran to take over supplying Pakistan’s energy security/Security, trade should boost in official, long borders of both countries

President attended the meeting of Iran and Pakistan merchants and said that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s policy is to have constructive interaction with the world and its neighbours, especially Pakistan.

Sat 26 - March 2016 - 12:06

In this meeting that happened on Saturday in Islamabad at the presence of Pakistani PM and high-ranking officials of Pakistani cabinet, Dr Rouhani said: “Iran will take over suppling Pakistan’s energy security and the people of Pakistan can be sure that Tehran, as a strategic partner, will do its utmost to supply their oil, gas, and electricity needs”.

He added: “We have so far kept our promises for transferring electricity and gas to Pakistan, brought gas pipelines to Pakistan borders, and are ready to develop ties and cooperation”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran can be a reliable partner for Islamabad in sectors such as gas, electricity and oil, as well as technical and engineering services,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani continued: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is also ready to increase its trade exchange with Pakistan to $5 billion from $1 billion in coming years”.

 On the role of post-JCPOA and post-sanctions Iran in the region as an emerging economy, he added: “The conditions of the region demands further developed Tehran-Islamabad ties and in doing so, private sectors should be encouraged to invest and transfer capital, knowledge and technology”.

“Security and defence fields should fostered for more security in common borders and the region” continued the President.

As the people of Pakistan are proud of Saadi and Hafez, we are proud of Iqbal Lahori, continued Dr Rouhani, saying: “The Iranian nation and government consider Pakistan nation and government’s glory as their own”.

On cultural, historical and religious commonalities of Iran and Pakistan, President Rouhani also said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran considers Pakistan’s security and economic development as its own security and economic development and will do whatever it can in this regard”.

He also stressed that security and trade should boost in official, long borders of both countries.

Referring to two-way relationship between security and development, he added: “Economic relations between Iran and Pakistan can be complementary”.

Dr Rouhani described development of infrastructures and investment, improving business climate, and using each other’s capabilities as factors contributing to sustainable growth and said: “Variety in production resources means improving resistance levels in a country’s economy and we call it Economy of Resistance”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has used this variety in production resources and that is the reason why it has been victorious in resisting against sanctions and sharp declines in oil prices” he added.

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