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President in a ceremony for praising sport champions:

Providing public, women access to sport a must/We should create appropriate places for women sport/Gov’t committed to support athletes, expand sport facilities

Sport is the main factor for happiness and health in the society, fostering national pride, said President Rouhani in a ceremony held to praise sport champions in international stages.

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Tue 15 - March 2016 - 11:42

In the ceremony which was held on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani said: “We need sport for the society’s health and generating happiness just as Islamic culture has advised”.

Describing sport as the best way for the youth to spend their spare time, he added: “A person who uses their energy in sport, will have both a healthier body and more happiness and efficiency in his social life”.

Referring to the Supreme Leader’s description of sport as recommended for the youth and obligatory for the adults, Dr Rouhani also said: “Sport is a valuable social matter and holds fruitful and very important effects for the society”.

“We should pursue justice in sport and provide the women of the country with sport facilities” he added, continuing that appropriate places for women sport should be created, especially in deprived areas.

Stressing championship sport alongside public sport, he also said: “Championship sport is an incentive for the society, assuming social, political and international importance”.

He also said: “In national honours, there is no room for concepts such as ethnicity, team, club, party and faction and any Iranian from all around the country who loves his homeland will become happy about the honours”.

Dr Rouhani also described sport as a factor reinforcing national unity and added: “In international competitions, weaknesses and strengths will show up and we can use this opportunity to improve sport and attempt to minimize weaknesses”.

President also mentioned the win-win result of the nuclear negotiations and described it as another national honour, saying: “Iranian negotiations made efforts for achieving national interests in the global stage”.

“Despite the previous ban on Iran’s nuclear enrichment in 1393, in 1394 buying and selling nuclear materials became legal and free for Iran,” continued Rouhani.

He also spoke about economic hardships during the current Iranian year and said: “I promise that next year will be a good year for us in economy”.

Dr Rouhani described holding of the two enthusiastic elections for the Consultative Assembly and the Assembly of Experts for Leadership in 1994 (Hijri Persian Calendar) as one of his government's success and appreciated those athletes and medalists who not only came themselves to the polling stations but also instigated and persuaded people to have a massive turn-out in the elections.

Also describing "sports and athletes" as two effective factors which have always been big help to the people in their hard national times, he said: "The athletes also helped the nation at the Sacred Defense times by going to the war fronts and even losing their life in the way of their country, and also by voting in the two elections and encouraging people to massively turn out in the election days, as well".

Appreciating the national medalists for their efforts to save honors for their people in the international sport fields, Rouhani said: "Our great athletes' presence in the world championships and their medals of honor have elevated the position of national sport worldwide".

Saying that the officials urgently ask the athletes a bravely competition and the nation asks them to bring victory and medals of honors, President described sports fields as fields which bring joys with spirituality and morale to people and said: "Our national sport men/women put on show their Iranian and Islamic identity".

Rouhani praised those Iranian veiled sport women who brought medals in the international and world championships and described their veils as a case for national proud and honor and said: "History of Iran's sport experiences have always been full of such morality, bravery, courageousness and heroic behaviors".

Asking private sector to take the responsibility of the management of the national sport and indicating on the delegation of the grave responsibility to the people, he said: "Government will do its best and utmost to improve national sport and hopes that the national sport teams also make a brilliant and excellent show offs in the next Olympics and Paralympics and bring best medals of the world sport events".

In the ceremony, President Rouhani appreciated all Iranian athletes and medalists of the 1993, presented them special medals, plagues of honors.


news id: 92493

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