Obeying rules and regulations, environment protection necessary in Nowruz holidays/ Appreciating Red Crescent employees, all service-providing sectors on roads

President Rouhani made an unexpected visit to a Red Crescent paramedic station on Semnan-Tehran motorway and appreciated their attempts, especially during their preparation measures for Nowruz holidays.

Sun 13 - March 2016 - 19:35

After attending the first anniversary of his mother’s demise in Semnan, Dr Rouhani was heading for Tehran when he made this unexpected visit to this station and thanked their efforts.

He told reporters: “The Red Crescent has always aided people in natural disasters and has exhibited good performance”.

“They have also been provided with good facilities and equipment” continued Rouhani.

He added: “People’s health and protecting the environment is important to us”.

“The Red Crescent should double their efforts in Nowruz holidays to aid people and travellers” added president.

He also visited and greeted patients in Kawthar hospital in Senman.

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