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President in a conference on Martyr’s Day:

Everybody is indebted to great family of martyrs/Martyrs taught Iranians that Iran should be proud in the region and world/ Ahl al-Bayt’s (AS) holy shrines are our red lines

“Martyrs taught us the lesson of unity and sacrifice and taught all Iranians that the Islamic Iran should be proud in the region and the world” said President Rouhani in the Conference of Martyr’s Day.

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Sat 12 - March 2016 - 10:31

In this conference which was held on Saturday, Dr Rouhani also said: “Everybody is indebted to great family of the martyrs and we should learn the lesson of sacrifice and serving people from them.”

He added: “The Islamic Revolution was carried out for the sake of morality, brotherhood, and national unity and being revolutionary means being obedient to God”.

Referring to Ahl al-Bayt’s (AS) position among the Iranians, he added: “We have repeatedly announced that Ahl al-Bayt’s (AS) holy shrines are our red lines”.

Dr Rouhani also condoled the martyrdom of Her Holiness Fatima Al-Zahra (SA) and said: “After Prophet Mohammad’s demise, the first person who chose the path of martyrdom was the Great Lady of Islam, Her Holiness Fatima Al-Zahra (SA)”.

He referred to his regular visits to the great family of martyrs and continued: “We receive ample spirit and spirituality by visiting the family of martyrs and veterans”.

Describing Jihad, faith, self-sacrifice, and martyrdom as the greatest values in the world, Dr Rouhani said: “High spirits of the martyrs’ parents could raise children who exercised sacrifice and Jihad in God’s path and for protecting the country”.

In this ceremony, President Rouhani also received a pictorial carpet from a martyr’s mother and described it as “the greatest honour” to have received such a valuable gift.

Dr Rouhani also slammed the atmosphere of untruthfulness and accusation in the country and said: “We are trying to create an atmosphere of brotherhood and unity in the country for the greatness and comfort of the Iranian nation”.

news id: 92431

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