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President after planting a sapling:

Everybody should attempt to protect environment/ Destroyers of environment, forests should be confronted with

It is important to strengthen cultural and environmental activities in order to preserve green spaces, especially for the young generation of the country, President Hassan Rouhani told reporters after planting a sapling on the Natural Resources Week.

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Wed 09 - March 2016 - 13:36

After the cabinet meeting, Dr Rouhani called for a mass participation in an environmental movement and described planting a tree as a sample of love to environment and said: "We have to feel committed to protect all natural resources such as forests, farms, rivers and seas".

"Protecting and guarding environment should not be limited only to the "Natural Resources Week" and for economic issues, but it is importance for all to pay attention to the environment and public health and everybody should strive hard to plant any trees they he can".

"We should consider the week and the day for planting sapling as a great excuse to make more efforts annually for environment as a bless from all-Mighty Allah to us and for environmental purposes" he added.

In the ceremony he also called for a serious confrontation with those who try to illegally capture public lands and damage the environment as "national resources".

President Rouhani was accompanied in the event by Vice President Dr Eshaq Jahangiri, Minister of Agriculture Mahmoud Hojjati and the head of Environmental Protection Organization Masoume Ebtekar.

news id: 92413

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