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President addressing the large crowd of people of Yazd:

Year 1395 to be the year of economic boost, efflorescence for Iran/We will advance towards attracting foreign, domestic investment/Iranian nation voted on Feb. 26 for rationality, logic, and hope for the future/Iranian nation won’t forget their servants

President Rouhani appeared in the large crowd of the people of Yazd province on Monday and addressed them saying: “The 11th government has maintained constant the value of national currency, the market, and the downward trend of inflation, all despite the sharp and record decrease in oil revenues”.

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Mon 07 - March 2016 - 12:27

He also assured people that the coming year -1395- will be the year of economic boost and efflorescence for Iran.

"We step forward for attraction of domestic and foreign investments, economic efflorescence and employment for youth in the light unity and brotherhood", he added.

Rouhani referred to the twin elections of February 26 and expressed government's readiness to further cooperate with the 10th Consultative Assembly and said: "People have already voted in the day for wisdom, rationalism, logic and hope for better future, so today is the day of unity and solidarity".

He emphasized that Iranian great and brave nation will never forget its servants and those who have done great efforts for the exaltedness of the homeland and also none will be able to let them be ignored and forgotten, too".

Appreciating all military, police and security forces for their efforts to make Islamic Iran to perform its exemplary security tasks in the region, Dr Rouhani said: " We all must be thankful to these respected forces for the blesses secure atmosphere we enjoy which they have created for us."

Stressing that in the Feb. 26 elections morality overcame immorality and moderation overcame radicalism, Dr Rouhani added: “Today is a day on which we should join hands in creating a more proud, prosperous country”.

On the record decline in oil prices during the current Iranian year, he said: “The 11th government could harness the negative effects of this decline and has maintained constant the value of national currency, the market, and the downward trend of inflation, all despite the sharp and record decrease in oil revenues”.

Dr Rouhani also described the people of Yazd as people who have outstanding characteristics and mentioned Ayatollah Sadoughi and Seyyed Rouhollah Khatami as great people of the province.

“I am proud of being Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Mohaqeq Damad and Sheikh Morteza Ha’eri Yazdi’s student for some time” added Rouhani saying that the most talented students in universities and religious schools come from Yazd.

“I am speaking to you today in an era of moral victory started in the Feb. 26 elections” said Rouhani adding: “Just as year 1392 in which people marked an epic turnout, my dear brother Dr Aref having a significant role in it, people marked another great epic in the recent elections as well”.

He added: “In the great epic of Feb. 26, after the Supreme Leader’s guidance as the main role in people’s turnout, the second most important role was that of all experts and elites”.

President also went on mentioning the plans and measures of the government for construction projects in the province and said: “In this trip, 44 plans and projects have been allocated 9.7 trillion rials of credit, all of which will be launched in 1395 and 1396”.

The projects, as the president said, are in the fields of railroads of the province, agriculture, modern irrigation, electricity, urban construction, culture, science, tourism, Sacred Defence and veterans, sports, health and hospitals, and environment.

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