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President upon his arrival at Yazd province:

Extensive plans for developing Yazd on the agenda/Yazd people warm-blooded, loyal to the Revolution

President Rouhani entered Yazd province early on Monday and told reporters at the airport that the government has extensive plans for developing Yazd on its agenda.

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Mon 07 - March 2016 - 10:20

Expressing his satisfaction over visiting Yazd, Dr Rouhani said: “This trip is an opportunity to directly hear the requests and comments of warm-blooded and noble people of Yazd”.

Describing Yazdi people as pious and hard-working, President Rouhani also said: “There are plans and programs for the development of Yazd province which will be explained and we hope that this trip brings God’s blessings for the people of the province”.

Dr Rouhani is scheduled to address the people of Yazd in an hour at the historical Amir Chakhmaq Complex.

news id: 92338

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