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President in a press conference:

JCPOA 2 should start to bring prosperity for Iran/We do not want a subordinated parliament to the government/Americans should be more active for implementing JCPOA

President Hassan Rouhani in a press conference Sunday Afternoon in Tehran addressed Iranian and foreign reporters and said: "I promise next year will be a much better one in terms of economic situation and public welfare.

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Sun 06 - March 2016 - 19:41

He said:  We have nearly left behind a project for implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as JCPOA-1 for solving the nuclear program issues, but now it is time for JCPOA-2 to develop national economy, increase national power and to make and Islamic Republic Iran in the light of unity, solidarity and brotherhood.

Referring to the twin elections of Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Assembly of Experts for Leadership held on February 26, Dr Rouhani added: I am pleased Iranian nation made a historic honor and glory in the two elections in which mostly the moderates have been elected.

Emphasizing that "government is not looking for a Consultative Assembly depended on the government", he reiterated: "As people want the three branches of the establishment to make haste and get together to solve their problems, thus the two Executive and Legislative branches also should get united and follow a single national goal".

"People responded some immoralities happened before and during the course of the elections, so it is time to step forward to pave the way for morality, people's rights, their welfare, national power and a brilliant future for all walks of life in our country". Rouhani added.

Stating that "Any unmixed Consultative Assembly, is not a favorite one", he said: "We must engage in constructive criticism to each other and to think about the future of our country".

He described (The current Iranian year 1994 which will be ended on March 20) as a historical and memorable year for all Iranians and said: "Because the opening of the year started with a constructive interaction with world and the first important step to solve the nuclear issue was taken in Lausanne in Switzerland , the JCPOA was agreed in July and the deal was implemented and Group 5+1 fulfilled their basic commitments by lifting the sanctions at United Nations and finally world powers started to consider Iran as an important country which serves for establishment of peace and security".

He went on with all the procedures at UNSC, IAEA and other international bodies and in other countries which led to a successful implementation of JCPOA and said:" Iranian state and nations keep an eye on future and plans accordingly".

Asserting that "Iranian nation once again amazed the world by their recent massive turn-out in the two elections", President Rouhani said: "In fact they went to the polls to once again show their trust in their establishment, their leadership, and their administration".

"The government made its utmost to hold legal, free and fair elections and did its utmost to “restore hope to the society and in fact invite to a mass participation,” he noted.

Dr Rouhani added: "Whatever action was taken concerning the elections, including the rejection of some of the hopefuls’ eligibility to run in the polls, was within the framework of the law and this means political maturity of the nation, for the very reason, the nation opted for the moderate candidates to once again show its support to moderates".

He appreciated all those who helped for the enthusiastic participation of the nation on the polls, such as Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, all elites of the nation, reference groups, media, artists, university scholars and athletes who supported the elections orally and in written forms.

He further added: Of course we do not want and Consultative Assembly to be subordinate to the government, because they must be alongside each other, complement each other all times and advocate the same goals and principles and also pursue unified national objectives.'

Once again he referred to JCPOA and said: "Although the agreement has been signed and implemented, but this does not mean that the agreement has not led to renewed international banking and insurance cooperation with Iran".

And on the removal of the economic and financial sanctions, Rouhani also said: "The agreement anyhow has led to a point that today, Iranian banks have resumed their cooperation with their foreign counterparts. The issue of SWIFT has been resolved and most of the insurance companies have started their operation".

news id: 92328

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