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In a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister:

President Rouhani describes Iran-Turkey cooperation as regional stabilizer

President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting on Saturday with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu underlined the positive effects of Iran and Turkey cooperation as a stabilizer for resolving regional issues.

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Sat 05 - March 2016 - 20:52

He said: "As Iran and Turkey enjoy common goals and interest, they should cooperate and coordinate and mainly concentrate on tackling terrorism as a common enemy and reinforce the bases of peace and stability in the region".

Referring to the two brotherly and neighboring countries' abundant religious and cultural commonalities,  Rouhani said: "As Iran and Turkey's religious way of thinking is totally different from some violent and war monger countries and Establishing Islamic Solidarity and Unity is a big and the main task for all, therefore Tehran and Ankara as two important states of the region can take a constructive step to establish unity in the Islamic world".

Emphasizing that Terrorism is a common threat for all nations, he said:" We should find a way to root out the regional issues not only for the sake of a specific country, undoubtedly Iran and Turkey as two important states of the region can play their own constructive roles to establish a sustainable peace and security in the region".

"Today all regional nations are waiting to see Iran and Turkey's bilateral and multilateral cooperation in order to see a synergy among such all big Islamic countries to solve the existing issues" Dr added.

Stating that "There is no obstacle in the way of the Tehran-Ankara expansion of ties", he added: "Some of the existing regional problems can never make any problem in the two countries' ties, so the two countries enjoys a large capacities to further expand their ties in some fields such as transportation, energy, trade, joint investment, tourism, scientific and Technology".

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in his turn said: "Ankara is determined to start a new chapter in its ties with Tehran, so it is to start a new phase of cooperation and relation with brotherly nation in all fields of mutual interest."

Emphasizing Turkey's readiness to cooperate with Iran to fight against terrorist groups, he said: "We should get united to fight a special kind of barbarism  of the regional terrorist groups".

news id: 92319

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