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President in a message to the National Day of Water Conference:

Gov’t to seriously pursue water consumption management/Water crisis affected life in Mideast, Iran/ Realisation of gov’t water management plans not fruitful without all sectors’ participation

President Rouhani sent a message to the National Day of Water Conference and described the water crisis as a reality which has affected the Middle East, including Iran and wrote: “Realisation of government’s water management plans will not be fruitful without all sectors’ participation”.

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Wed 02 - March 2016 - 10:36

In this message which was sent on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said that the government has water management plans in its agenda.

Dr Hassan Rouhani's message to the conference reads as follows:


In the Name Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

On the eve of the spring, as the season of change and blossoming and unmatched beauty of nature, celebrating the National Day and holding of this conference with the participation of experts in this field, is a worthwhile effort and valuable opportunity to address one of the main challenges at the national level.

Water is the reputation of earth and the soul of life. As a  Quranic verse properly says: "With water, we have given life to all creatures", so water is the motif of the creation of man and other creatures in the divine creation system.

Water crisis is a reality which has affected man’s contemporary life, especially in Middle East including Iran. While using this essence of life (Water), human being overspent it and took a superficial and selfish attitudes toward it, and finally created such serious concerns.

The government of Prudence and Hope has taken some measure from the beginning of the crisis to manage it by setting up a "Rescue Committee" for "Oromiye Lake" and activated a "Supreme Council of Water" to take principal decisions for solving the water shortage problem especially for the inland rivers such as Zayande Rood.

Government has also done some other measure domestically and internationally, made investments in the field and also seriously pursued the related cases based on the Supreme Leader's guidelines and the main text of the bill for the 6th Development Plan.

I believe that the realization of the government's programs for managing the water crisis will not be effective without an effective participation of all sectors, due to the multi-sectoral nature of the crisis.

I expect all responsible agencies and the private sector to provide government with their ideas and strategies for a successful implementation of the project.  Government is also ready to support and exploit the full potential of existing capacities in this vital project, as well.

At the end, I appreciate the organizers of this valuable conference and I hope that the conference would lead to formation of an inclusive dialogue to resolve the crisis.

Hassan Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

news id: 92278

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