Gov’t feels obliged to satisfy people/Supporting auto industry cannot be permanent/ Minding environment should be in auto industry’s priorities/ Gov’t policy to privatise, promote competition in auto industry

President Rouhani appeared in the 3rd Iran Automotive Industry International Conference and said that improving quality of products and decreasing prices are merely possible through entering the global market.

Tue 01 - March 2016 - 10:23

In this conference which was held on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani also said: “The 11th government’s policy is to privatise and foster competition in the auto industry by handing it over to people”.

He also added: “People’s satisfaction is of chief importance to the 11th government. Government never accepts closing the gates and producing and imposing an automobile on people and telling them it is the only choice they have”.

We all should try to gain people’s satisfaction and to do so, we need to take serious steps in the automotive industry, said Rouhani continuing: “Iran’s automotive industry should become completely privatised and competitive”.

He added: “Government has supported the industry through the years by blocking automobile import but this support cannot be permanent. Government’s support of an industry against outside industries has a time span and this time span cannot be unlimited”.

Dr Rouhani also went on stressing that minding the environment should be a priority for the automotive industry.

"As a just collaboration is to the interest of all, we should share each others' capacities and capabilities and make the conference to be a place for cooperation and development of ties among the automakers" he added.

Dr Rouhani continued: "As I have promised during the presidential campaign in 2013 that nation will prove its logic and Iranian diplomats will pave the ways for world cooperation through negotiation with superpowers, we nowadays can see the nation could fortunately reach the goal and prove that the time for confrontation is over within the country".

Stating that "As Iranian nation has so far never bowed to surrender and will defend its rights and still seeks interaction and dialogue with world", he said: "We have to have economic progress, if we want to create jobs for the youth and economic development, therefore what we need today is to reach an eight-per cent economic growth".

At the outset, he appreciated Iranian people for their wise and massive turnout in the elections of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (parliament) and the Assembly of Experts for Leadership and described the election as pumping new spirit to the society to accelerate its movement toward development and social welfare.

"A country which does not enjoy election and its people cannot determine its future through such an election is doomed to be a dead and unhappy state and nation", Rouhani stated.

He added that: "Government feels obliged to respect and protect the wise and prudent nation's votes and committed to cooperate with the consultative assembly, as well".

In the meantime, the nation participated a meaningful election and their votes had a lot of messages to the world, added Rouhani saying: “I hope all of us would learn a great lesson from the nation and make sure that the exalted nation's vote will always be effective for its future”.

Reiterating that Iran is for all walks of its nation and it is only the nation who determines the country's path to development, he emphasized that the government should never forget to respect the nation's views.

"As it is only people who set the goals and the very ways to rule the country toward development, therefore they may have different viewpoints in domestic and foreign policy, as well', Dr Rouhani said.

Asserting "the nation has also specified in the election the way to progress and development and spell out which taste and approach(s) it favours and which of them is close to its own and preferred one from among all the existing different approaches", he added: "Although government and nation respect all different tastes and views from all factions, after the election we should all bear in mind that the socio-political campaign is over and from now on, the time for cooperation has started".

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