Nothing should dash people’s hopes/People come to ballots in any conditions, choose the best candidate

Imam (Khomeini)’s way and principles have always been helpful, said President Rouhani while visiting the tomb of the Late Imam Khomeini (RA) on Sunday, adding: “Today, on the verge of the thirty seventh anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution at the tomb of Imam Khomeini (RA) the great founder of the Islamic Revolution, we once again pledge that we will not forget his rightful path”.

Sun 31 - January 2016 - 11:24

Congratulating the beginning of the Ten-Day Fajr Celebration, he added: “Imam’s courage in standing against despotism and colonialism of big powers, his bravery during the war, and resistance during peace, as well as management in the new conditions after the Imposed War, were all great characteristics of the Late Imam form which we can learn”.

He also praised the Supreme Leader for continuing the same path and the measures he has taken to protect people’s votes in the form of a political decree.

“Imam Khomeini (RA) proved the world that how religion can yield a revolution and a great movement, toppling the throne of despotism and colonialism” president added.

Rouhani referred to the motto of ‘Independence, Freedom, and the Islamic Republic’ and added: “In Imam and the Revolution’s ideas, freedom does not mean anarchy, but rather it means freedom of speech, elections, and for the management and growth of the country; and also independence does not mean isolation, but rather it means rejection of the domination of others, meaning we are neither xenophilous, nor xenophobic; that we accept neither isolation, nor strong favour of the wester society”.

“The Late Imam explained well to us from the very first day that survival of the system is possible through people’s support” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said: “Imam’s sentence of ‘All affairs are in people’s hands’ makes it clear to us that the base and foundation of this system is within the framework of Islamic laws and regulations and people’s votes and ideas”.

He referred to the concurrency of the Ten-Day Fajr Celebration with the lift of sanctions and two significant elections and said the lift of sanctions led to more respect for the Iranian nations in the world.

“Under no conditions we should turn our backs to the ballots. If people’s presence at the last elections two years ago did not happen, today we would not experience victory in the nuclear negotiations and the lift of sanctions” added Dr Rouhani.

He continued: “The Late Imam’s household in the Islamic movement and the victory of the Revolution and after that made a lot of efforts with a lot of responsibilities, sacrificing great figures in this way. Therefore, respecting Imam means respecting Imam’s principles and his household”.

President stressed: “We should follow Imam’s full path and principles in action, not in words”.

He also invited people to participate ardently in the procession of the 22nd Bahman (11th February), describing it “a day that the great Iranian nation were liberated and ended the darkness”.

In this event, Sayid Hassan Khomeini also congratulated the beginning of the Ten-Day Fajr Celebration and said: “The President is one of Imam’s children and is a soldier of Imam’s path; he has showed his capabilities to everybody and the society is hopeful of his resolve and abilities”.

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