We should not remain silent before terrorism supporters/Using terrorism like a grenade without safety pin/Ignorance, poverty the main factor for violence, extremism

“We should not remain silent before those who are helping ISIS and other terrorist groups for achieving transitory interests” said President Rouhani while visiting French Institute of International Relations, Ifri.

Thu 28 - January 2016 - 19:44

Dr Rouhani visited the Ifri institute on his second day of French trip and said: “It is clear that who are buying oil from the ISIS and the purchased oil is transferred to which refineries; or who are providing ISIS with advanced weaponry. But the question is that why these measures are being dealt with silently and a serious confrontation for uprooting terrorism does not start”.

“Unfortunately, in the beginning some countries and intelligence services thought that the terrorists could be a tool for them to advance their goals but today, it has been revealed to the same organisations and countries that this tool is very dangerous and like a grenade without safety pin”.

On issues that the countries of the region are facing, he added: “Today unfortunately the societies which were peacefully living with different ethnicities and religions for centuries, are facing problems and there are rifts and discords between them”.

He added: “If a society faces violence and extremism, it will undoubtedly not be limited to that society and will spread to others as well”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the issues of refugees and immigrants in the world and continued: “In Iran, despite limited facilities, 3 million Afghan refugees live with our people; by looking at the great Europe with its high economic facilities expressing concerns over some hundreds of thousands of refugees, it can be felt what heavy burden the Iranian nation carried through recent past years”.

Referring to the nuclear agreement, Rouhani said: “I believe that Iran’s nuclear agreement can be a model for solving other global issues”.

“If in an agreement one side feels that it has won while the other side feels that it has lost, that is neither an agreement, nor it will continue. Therefore, we underlined a win-win agreement” he added.

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