President describes imposition of sanctions as a failed and futile policy

President Rouhani in a gathering of Iranian and French economic entrepreneurs from both governmental and private sectors Thursday morning local time in Paris outlined Iran's economy as transparent, enjoying a stable regulations to attract foreign investments, sustainability and security, clear political stances, and its young and specialized human forces as the merits of Iranian economy.

Thu 28 - January 2016 - 18:33

In this forum held at the Society of French Entrepreneurs (MEDEF) and contributed by French Premier and the chief of the society, he described the message of the forum as an announcement of the firm decision of both private and governmental sectors of the two countries to expand their economic cooperation.

"Iran and France record of cooperation reminds us of the two countries' good experiences in the fields such as science, technology and economic which has always been to the benefit of the two peoples", Rouhani said.

Stating that the adoption of sanctions as a wrong policy in the bilateral relations between Iran and France brought about some lose – lose results, he said: "Sanctions has never been effective and a right policy, but logic, mutual understanding and agreement have always contained mercy and been beneficial for both countries".

Detailing the measures done by Iran and the achievements attained during the time of sanctions, Dr. Rouhani said: "Although Iranians took short steps, but with solid will, could passed behind all those complicated sanctions and gradually start a new phase of communicating with other nations".

He stressed that Iran as a stable and powerful country in the region is determined today to start cooperation with France as an important country in Europe.

President described Iran's political will, ripe economic condition, positive cooperation record, abundant energy sources, educated work force, stable position in the region, connections to the regional countries, its  investment needs in the sectors of energy, industry, agriculture and transport, the transformation of the tourism industry, development of small and medium industries for employment, etc. as the bases for cooperation between Iran and France.

French Prime Minister Manuel Carlos Valls also described the inking of some agreements, MoUs and contacts between Iranian and French private sectors as a good sign for the will of the two private sectors to expand their relations and cooperation and said:" This is a good start for the development of political cooperation and strengthening political relations between the two countries based on common economic interests".

President of the Society of French Entrepreneurs (MEDEF) also at the meeting stressed the need to develop extensive mutual cooperation in various fields, especially the private sectors of Iran and France on infrastructure projects and said that in the coming weeks the first direct Air France flight to Tehran will start which marks the beginning of practical measures to develop relations between the two countries.

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