President emphasized the necessity of using cultural potentialities to fight radicalism

President Hassan Rouhani in a Meeting on Thursday morning local time with Director General of United Nation Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Irina Georgiva Bokova described the organization's role and responsibility to preserve the Middle East cultural heritage as grave.

Thu 28 - January 2016 - 15:27

In this meeting in Paris in which other UNESCO officials were also present, he said:" All international organizations, especially UNESCO should do their utmost to preserve the very valuable cultural and human works and heritages in Syria and Iraq".

Appreciating UNESCO for its efforts to preserve and introduce Iranian cultural heritages to the world, he regretted over the attempts by terrorist groups to destroy the cultural and ancient heritages in the Middle East region which can be considered as an attempt to destroy the identity of religions, cultures and beliefs, as well.

"The terrorist groups are to cut the young generations' relation with their historical identities through destroying these master heritages and then to recruit them for their terroristic goals", Dr. Rouhani added and called for a more active role by UNESCO to use all cultural potentialities and capacities to fight against violence and the terrorists who are destroying all cultural heritages of humanity, too.

"As UNESCO has done useful efforts to preserve human cultural heritages during the past 70 years, it is also deserved to further concentrate on the fighting against violence and also further preservation of the ancient heritages in the region which are getting demolished by terrorist groups", he stated.

Referring to the necessity of applying cultural means to fight practically against terrorism, Rouhani indicated that all parents should teach and train their children from the very childhood to be aware of the harms of violence and radicalism on the human life.

Mrs. Irnne Bokova also on her turn described such acts of destroying cultural heritages in the Middle East as an organized crime and a human tragedy and said: "We well know that these terrorist groups are to cut the cultural connections among generations and nations and especially to attract and absorb young generation to themselves, therefore we try to do our best and utmost to stop such brutal and inhuman actions, and mainly concentrate on the innocent youth, as well".

Congratulating over the successful implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to Iranian nation, she also described the victory as an outcome of a strong and brilliant diplomacy.

At the end of the meeting, 4 plates of the Iranian works registered at UNESCO, including Shush, Meymand, as two cultural heritage sites; and Two Iranian literary works, 'Kolliyat-e Sa'di' and 'Massalek al-Mamalek" (The Ways of States) have been presented to President.

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