President: Iranians have always been open-minded, at the service of humanity/ In case of lacking a successful administration during sanctions, we could not be a victorious negotiating side

Speaking in a large gathering of Iranian resident nationals in France Wednesday evening local time in Paris, President Rouhani said: "We are all proud of being Iranian, because the nation has always been open-minded and at the service of humanity".

Thu 28 - January 2016 - 12:27

Stressing that all Iranians anywhere in the world did their best for any victory for the nation, he said: "Being in Paris reminds us the good memory of the Islamic Revolution time dated back to 1979, because Iranians in exile especially those in France did too much and played an effective role to help establishment of a religious democracy in their homeland".

Also stressing his trust to willpower and determination of Iranian nation, Rouhani referred to what the nation has done in 2013 presidential election and said: "They have also done their best for the past 2/5 years all over the world to safeguard their past efforts and secure subsequent victories".

"Were it not the diligent efforts of the economic team of 11th government to tackle recession, inflation and bazaar issues, the nuclear negotiating could not secure the very dignified negotiations with the world, especially when the region were affected by terrorism", he added.

Dr. Rouhani added that there is no doubt that if it wasn't for Iran's efforts we would have a terrorist state in the region instead of a group.

President Rouhani also appreciated the round-the-clock efforts of Iranian nuclear negotiating team, Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif and Director of the Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi in particular, for settling Iran's nuclear issue.

He said: "As Iranians have always been interacting with other nations throughout history, obtaining their experiences, changing these experiences to superior achievements and then submit them to the world, they still are getting science, knowledge, culture and civilization of other nations, promote them and delivered them to the world".

"We are not proud of our history and civilization alone which was for the past, but we are pleased with our contemporary fellow citizens who are still able to do master work in the world", Dr. Rouhani added.

He stated that all the recent legitimate victories have been achieved with the assistance of the great nation of Iran, guidelines of the Supreme Leader and internal unity and integrity.

Stressing that all these honors are undoubtedly for Iran and Iranians, Rouhani said: "The 11th government is proud to be at service of the great and respected nation of Iran whom I believe, will attain its new goals, as well".

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