President: The two peoples' losses from the sanctions to be compensated in post-sanctions era

On the importance of expansion of ties between the two important countries of Iran and France, President Hassan Rouhani said in Paris: "Tehran and Paris can do a lot to solve regional and international issues in light of their mutual ties and take great measures for the benefit of the two nations, peace and stability".

Thu 28 - January 2016 - 10:47

Emphasizing the necessity of using post sanctions opportunities, he said in a meeting Wednesday evening local time with the President of the French Senate Gerard Larcher: "During the course of the wrong and unjust sanctions on Iran, the two nations of Iran and France were hurt, so we should do our best to compensate loses and the lagging behinds through starting a close and extensive relations".

Dr. Rouhani described the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a vital and unprecedented event in history of world politics and said:"As JCPOA once again proved the powerful role of diplomacy and negotiations, so we can resolve other regional and international issues by adopting such an approaches".

Referring the two countries' cooperation on solving important regional and international issues, he indicated on the mutual cooperation to fight against terrorism and said: "Nowadays the region is that much insecure and in danger by emerging criminals and terrorist groups that implies a close and all out cooperation among all to remove the threatening to all human beings".

President expressed dismay over the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and said terrorism is a dangerous virus and a contagious threat which can unsettle the world including European cities.

"To fight terrorism, all of us should cooperate to prevent new major rifts among the regional countries, the approach which Iran's foreign policy is based on", Dr. Rouhani said.

Referring to the instability in some regional countries such as Lebanon, he called for an expedited agreement among Lebanese groups over the country's presidency and said: "Any of such new cases needs only a political solution, not a military one"

Also referring the valuable role of the two countries' legislative bodies to reinforce the two governments, he said:"Iranian government supports reinforcement and expansion of cooperation between the two parliaments, as well".

Larcher in his part welcomed the visit of the Iranian president to France and said that Paris sees a bright future before Iran and France for increasing their relations.

He said removal of sanctions has provided the opportunity for rapprochement of bilateral ties between Tehran and Paris, so Paris is determined to well use the very opportunity for the benefit of the two nations and is optimistically committed to any agreement which will be signed during President Rouhani's visit to France.

Also supporting collective measures in the fight against terrorism, Larcher said that France trusts Iran's constructive role in the settlement of regional issues and in the anti-terror fight.

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