No obstacle on the way of French, Iranian companies’ cooperation/We welcome investment, tech., joint markets/Iran-France cooperation leads to welfare of both nations

President Rouhani met with the heads of major French companies and stated that there are no obstacles on the way of French and Iranian companies’ cooperation and Tehran welcomes investment, technology, and joint markets in the region and the world.

Wed 27 - January 2016 - 22:48

In this meeting which was held late Wednesday upon his arrival at Paris, Dr Rouhani addressed the French business community and said: “I believe that your presence at this meeting indicates your readiness to cooperate in Iran’s economy which is replete with advantages and capabilities”.

“We should all try to take advantage of these opportunities and” said Rouhani in this meeting which a number of Iranian ministers and heads of enterprises were present.

He added: “Today with the new circumstances following the nuclear agreement, we can develop the level of economic cooperation between the two countries even more than before”.

“Enough security has been witnessed in the 5-year plan and economic incentives for economic activities” he continued.

Speculating an eight-per cent growth in the 5-year plan of the country, he added: “Achieving this level of growth needs more investment and activity, as well as newer technologies and we welcome new investments and technologies”.

Dr Rouhani also said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran had good economic ties with France during not many years ago and interactions between economic delegations of both countries in the recent months have set the ground for more economic cooperation and activities”.

“The government is determined to provide the private sector with more space” he continued.

President also referred to the educated and young workforce in Iran and said that when coupled with proper economic conditions, it can be enough for accelerated development.

He also said that Iran has got good opportunities in sectors such as energy, oil, gas, petrochemicals, agriculture, modern technologies, automobile industry, mining, telecommunications, and renovation of rail and air fleet.

“Iran is also willing to have more cooperation with France in tourism industry” added President Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani said: “Tehran-Paris cooperation is not only to the detriment of any country, but also to the benefit of the Mideast region and the peace and stability”.

“We firmly announce that investment in Iran enjoys enough guarantee and will also have fair interest” added Rouhani saying that Iran’s current conditions are set for cooperation in all fields.

He added: “In the process of both countries’ cooperation, it is important that we take our steps more carefully and, at the same time, quickly”.

In this meeting, Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Laurent Fabius expressed satisfaction over President Rouhani’s visit to France and said: “Both countries had historical cooperation with each other and today we should start a new chapter in our cooperation and develop our ties at all levels”.

He added: “Iran is a great country with a bright prospect and today major French companies are seriously determined to start cooperation with Iran”.

During the same meeting, Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs of France Emmanuel Macron warmly greeted President Rouhani and said: “Enjoying political independence, France has gathered the major economic and industrial companies to cooperate with Iran in order for the economic ties between the two countries revive and gain its previous dynamism”.

He continued: “Ten years ago, cooperation with Iran was covered by the French government’s insurance as one of the top 10 priorities and today we are determined to develop ties in this field and we are willing to take advantage of all investment channels to develop cooperation between the two countries”.

The President of the Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF) Pierre Gattaz also greeted President Rouhani and his accompanying delegation and stressed French companies’ willingness to invest in Iranian economy and market.

In this meeting, heads of major French companies were present and expressed willingness to enter the Iranian market. These companies were: Total, Airbus, Orange, Sanofi, Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, MEDEF, SIV, Alstom, SAGEM, Suez, and Thales

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