Sanctions era a lose-lose one for Iran-EU economic ties/Iran-Italy joint economic plans far beyond both countries, beneficial to the region/We welcome Italian private, state sectors’ investment, tech. transfer

President Rouhani appeared in a press conference in Italy and described the sanctions era as a lose-lose one for economic cooperation between Iran and European Union.

Wed 27 - January 2016 - 12:15

In this press conference which was held on Wednesday in Italy, Dr Rouhani also said: “We did not have economic ties with the US from the beginning and our economic cooperation with other partners such as China and Russia did not cut off in the sanctions era. In the meantime, EU suffered the most loss”.

He also said: “Achievements of trip will be beneficial for Iran, Italy, the European Union, and even the region. We have extensive joint economic plans which will not be limited to merely Iran and Italy, but rather will include countries of the region”.

“We want private and governmental sectors to invest and bring modern technology to Iran and use a joint regional market” President Rouhani continued.

He added: “In the past decades and pre-sanctions era, good economic ties existed between the two countries and at some points, Italy was Iran’s first economic partner amongst the EU countries; Iranian people have good memories and experiences towards Italian entrepreneurs and industry”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the negotiations between Iranian and Italian high-ranking delegations aimed at cementing ties in areas such as science, academia, modern technology, antiquities, their maintenance and mending, development of tourism, as well as important regional and international issues.

He also mentioned his meeting with Pope Francis and said: “In this meeting, both sides exchanged views on spiritual and religious subjects and the measures needed to achieve common goals around the world, and the views were similar”.

Dr Rouhani stressed elimination of WMDs in the world and measures that Islamic, Christian, and other religions’ missionaries can employ to confront extremism, violence, and terrorism.

“Freedom of speech does not mean that anyone can do whatever they want in the world; just as freedom does not mean that anyone can violate the privacy of other peoples’ lives” he added.

Rouhani continued: “During the meeting with the Pope, we condemned such acts and it was stressed that as violence is condemned, insulting others is, too. We also had good and fruitful negotiations on divine religions’ important goals, being linked with each other and not apart”.

Dr Rouhani also said that the People of Iran are victims of chemical weapons and continued: “We are well aware of the risks of WMDs and therefore these kinds of weapons should be eliminated in order not to be possessed by some ignorant people and set the world on fire”.

“During this meeting, effective ways of confronting violence and the role of religions with each other in this path was discussed” said Dr Rouhani referring to WAVE resolution of the UN General Assembly.

He also replied to a question about Iran’s relations with the West by saying: “Regarding various western countries’ economic and political officials’ visits to Iran, I believe the vision is very positive”.

Referring to his invitation to the Italian President and Prime Minister to visit Iran, President Rouhani said: “In the coming opportunities, both will visit Tehran and these trips, without a doubt, will contribute to more relations between the two friend countries”.

Answering a question about the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, President said: “Iran has always sought good relations with Saudi Arabia, because Iran and Saudi Arabia are two Muslim and important countries of the region".

"But the tragedy of the deplorable beheading of a religious leader in that kingdom which has also received many condemnations from all over the world is something else, because the leader who was not a dangerous figure and was only looking for socio-political rights for people and preaching about it was not deserved to be beheaded, so it was for the very reason Iranian state and nation joined the world to condemn the heinous measure", Rouhani added.

He added: “Consequently, some sentiments and emotions aroused in Iran and we witnessed some people assaulting Saudi Embassy in Tehran, the action which was immediately condemned by the government and the culprits have been identified, arrested and introduced to the court of justice, so you see Iranian government did whatever it could in this regard”.

"It's possible that Iran and the United states might have friendly relations. But the key to that is in Washington's hands, not Tehran's" Rouhani replied to a questions about his speculations about being received in the US.

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