President: We are proud of being Iranian/We appreciate Supreme Leader's guidelines, people's steadfastness, Iranian nuc. team's attempts/World powers profess regional issues cannot be settled without Iran

"We are all proud of being Iranian, our unity, integrity and our dear Islam; and also of our own efforts done proudly to well remove an important part of our issues which led us not to bow down before superpowers and mischief makers and malevolent" President Rouhani said in a meeting Tuesday evening local time with Iranians living in Italy.

Wed 27 - January 2016 - 10:25

Among the vigilant Iranians living in Italy, he said: "Although the sanctions with their legal, political, technical and economic dimensions were a big barrier to Iran's rapid development, we have left them behind with the power of logic and reason".

Dr Rouhani said: "30 months passed for the negotiations to be victorious, but all the efforts have been fulfilled and borne fruits with Supreme Leader’s guidelines, people’s resistance and integrity, and government’s efforts and prudence and applying a strong and professional nuclear and diplomatic negotiators".

"I, once again appreciate all respected involved and concerned factors for the very masterwork and stunning success, respectively: Dr Zarif, Dr Salehi, all members of the national negotiating team, and our fellow citizens all over the world", he added.

He added: “We believe that this honour and great achievement belongs to all Iranians and grateful people who are trying inside and outside the country for Iran’s glory”

“Trying to attain this great achievement is the characteristic of Iranians residing in countries around the world and the government thanks all Iranian people all around the world” he continued.

On unjust sanctions, he said: “International interaction and ties in economy, science, and technology are the tools to development and advancement”.

“I ask all Iranian people inside and outside the country to continue their constructive role in development of economic, scientific, and cultural ties in the post-sanctions atmosphere, as they have been by the government in political issues and negotiations.” President Rouhani added, saying that the opportunity of sanctions lift should be used for economic flourishment.

President Rouhani referred to 14 partnership documents signed during Italian economic delegations’ trip to Iran and said: “The world wants to use the post-JCPOA opportunity to interact with the Iranian nation and this path will go on”.

Mentioning the ancient and traditional interactions with European countries, he continued: “We are determined to preserve our valued, cooperation, and ties with all countries around the world, especially European countries”.

“Achieving an agreement with 6 world powers indicates Iranian people’s power of reasoning and negotiation. Enjoying this kind of power can solve all issues” Rouhani added.

President also said: “The Iranian nation have an effective position in world public opinions and today this position has been promoted and the whole world acknowledge that the Islamic Republic of Iran is an effective country in global interactions”.

Stressing that Iran is at the forefront of fight against terrorism and extremism, Dr Rouhani added: “If Iran did not have active presence in confronting terrorists, today the world would be facing terrorist states in the region instead of terrorist groups, and this would be a grave threat to the world”.

He added: “Regional issues cannot be settled without Iran’s role and today all world powers acknowledge that”.

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