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President in a business meeting of Iran and Italy:

Iran the safest, most stable country of the region/Iran’s economy and emerging one/We are ready to welcome foreign investors in Iran/We should follow win-win policy in economy/ Development, jobs the main way to fight terrorism

President met with Iranian and Italian merchants in Rome and stressed that Tehran follows a win-win approach to its cooperation and economic policies, saying: “The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes foreign entrepreneurs and investors, especially from Italy”.

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Tue 26 - January 2016 - 14:53

Dr Rouhani who is in Rome for the second day, met with Italian entrepreneurs and investors on Tuesday and said: “EU and Iran were affected by the sanctions and now, considering the new chapter in Iran’s ties and interaction with the world, it is time to compensate for the loss”.

He also referred to the achievements of the government, especially in economic fields and said: “These achievements were made while the sanctions were still in place”.

He continued: “Today Iran’s inflation rate is a single-digit one and we experienced a 3-per cent economic growth last year; these achievements showed that sanctions have no effect on our country”.

“A win-win result was beneficial to all” Dr Rouhani said mentioning that all countries including the EU wanted the nuclear agreement to become successful.

“Today, conditions are set for investing, transferring technology, and aiming at new joint and export markets and the Islamic Republic of Iran is pursuing its economic interactions with a win-win approach” continued Rouhani.

Stating that Iran the safest and the most stable country of the region, he added: “Iran is not after invading any country or meddle with their internal affairs, however, it will defend its territory; on the other hand, Iran’s rules and regulations are completely trustable for investment”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to Iran’s potentials to absorb investment and joint economic cooperation with other countries and said: “Without a doubt, a country after many years of sanctions has got a lot of capacities and Iran’s current economy is an emerging one, and in such conditions, it is completely ready to absorb foreign investment and we welcome such a move”.

He continued: “The people of Iran have experienced Italy’s industry and services and trust on them; in addition, the type of Italy’s industry is consistent with Iran’s demands”.

On Iran’s determination to develop its railroads and ports, Rouhani also said: “We want to export at least 30 per cent of our products and we are ready to absorb capital and technology and a joint export market”.

Iran welcomes foreign investors and modern technologies, he continued, referring to economic, industrial, and cultural cooperation between Tehran and Rome.

He also said that development and job creation is the main way to fight violence and extremism and continued: “Lack of development and jobs creates soldiers for terrorist groups and without a doubt, one of the ways to enjoy a world without violence and extremism is development and helping countries’ to grow their economy”.

President added: “Cultural development means combatting terror and violence”.

He also said that economic development is possible through cooperation between nations and therefore, to see a stable world, all scientific, industrial, and cultural capacities of nations should contribute to their growth.

In this meeting, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said that his country is determined to develop ties with Iran more than before.

He referred to Dr Rouhani’s trip to his country after the nuclear agreement as having a historic value and said: “This trip stems from deep, amicable, and ancient friendship between the two Italian and Iranian nation”.

Mr Gentiloni also said that Italian companied did not cut off their ties with their Iranian partners even during the hard times of Iran’s relations with the West and said: “Today, various economic companies of Italy are eager to develop the level of their cooperation and ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran more than before”.

news id: 91552

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