President: Private sector a key element to open new round of Iran-Italy ties/A new chapter of Tehran-Rome mutual relations started/Italian PM to visit Iran soon

Iranian President and Italian Prime Minister indicated on the two countries' serious decision to elevate the existing level of Tehran-Rome relations, especially in the economic fields.

Tue 26 - January 2016 - 11:56

President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Metteo Renzi Monday evening local time in Rome, said: "The reason I have chosen Italy as my first destination after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to travel proves Iran's willing to start a new chapter in its mutual and regional relations with Italy as an old friend".

Referring to an excellent experience of cooperating with Italian economic entrepreneurs and their already presence in Iran, he said: "After JCPOA, we are more eager to have Italians before any other European nations to start a constructive interaction with their Iranian partners in the economic fields".

"Iran is looking for attracting joint investments, new technologies and export cooperation, and also supports all such measures", Rouhani stated and outlines Iran's outstanding attributes and merits as: enjoying stability and security, talented and educated human forces, abundant energy resources, strategic geopolitical position, good links to open seas, an extensive rail road facilities for starting economic cooperation and investments.

President described private sectors of the two countries as key elements to open the new chapter of Tehran-Rome Economic cooperation and said: "Iran is decisive to expand its international interactions, therefore invites Italian private sectors to come in full capacity to Iran and play their part in Iran's economy".

Saying "Iran as a stable country in the region has well played its constructive role to establish peace and stability in the region", Rouhani indicated on the humanitarian aspects of peace and stability in the region in order to stop massacring innocent people and destroying civilization and historical elements in the region".

On tackling the regional and world terrorism, he described the two countries' approaches to the vicious phenomenon as identical and said that the new phase of bilateral cooperation can well serve to take effective steps in this regard, as well.

Inviting Italian Prime Minister to pay a visit to Iran, President Rouhani described establishing, expanding and safeguarding peace in the region and over the world as Iran's principal policy and said: "Iran has always been for a peaceful coexistence with all neighboring countries and still believe that the only mechanism to settle regional crisis is not merely a military one, but negotiations".

Italian Prime Minister on his part, praised Iran's cooperative morale and feature and its important and effective role in the region and said: "As a new chapter of Iran and Italy cooperation has started, Italy is not looking to start only an economic interaction with Iran, but seeks a close cooperation with it to create stability and development in the region and over the world, too".

He urged Rouhani not to consider Italy as merely a partner, and said: "Italy feel commitment to expand cultural, educational and academic relations and cooperation with Iran".

Renzi Referred to Iran's abundant economic potentialities and capacities and educated human forces, and expressed its country's readiness to start an extensive cooperation and interaction with Iran on bilateral and multilateral bases.

Appreciating Rouhani for his invitation, he promised to pay visit to Iran in near future.

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